35 Ultra Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

The back of a woman is the ultimate canvas for a tattoo, big or small. The back is the largest, flattest area on the body which makes it incredibly accepting of just about any back tattoos.

Lower, upper or full, the choice is yours. You might already have one or two and are looking to add another to your collection. Wherever you’re at in your back tattoo journey, we hope these pics inspire you and get your creativity humming along.

Remember, as long as you love your tattoo, that is all that matters!


1. Bird & Flowers Lower Back Tattoos

back tattoos on lower are of sexy women

Lower back tattoos are naturally considered a sexy location, they are also considered somewhat naughty. A bird tattoo with flowers and initials can represent someone you’ve lost, a current lover, or someone you admire. Birds are always a great idea for a single tattoo or to incorporate into a design. Representing freedom, expression, independence, and happiness, you can never go wrong with a bird.

As for initials as part of your back tattoo, sure if it is someone you lost, I totally get it, but someone you love? Just be sure that it is a sure thing and don’t rush out prematurely to get your back tattoo! Remember tattoos are on your body for life!

Don’t get me wrong, there are many incredible tattoo artists that can redo tattoos if your relationship goes bad and you need those initials changed, but let’s not even go there!

2. Black Symbol Back Tattoos

middle back or spine tattoos on model women

You can never go too far wrong with keeping things simple when it comes to getting back tattoos. A simple black ink and a custom symbol or pattern are powerful. There is so much power in simplicity and the great thing about a symbol as a back tattoo is only you know what it really means, cheeky hey?

3. Abstract Cat Back Tattoos

elegant back tattoo on minimal cat on pretty women

Speaking of simplicity with a touch of abstract or pattern art incorporated into your back tattoo, this is it. Simple, subtle and sexy. To those animal lovers out there, how about a tribute to your current or past pet? Sure it can be simple, but with skills of many professional tattoo artists, just send them a photo and let them work magic on your skin.

4. Colorful Flower Back Tattoos

colorful back and shoulder tattoos on young women
Well, there is a little more than just a flower as part of this back tattoo. In fact, there are multiple flowers, big colors, nature, and Buddhism, this woman has it all.

Colors like this stand out, from a distance, easily. You really have to love and appreciate tattoos of this size and vibrancy, there is no hiding this one.

Blending a sleeve into back tattoos is powerful or could you say blending back tattoos into a sleeve is powerful? Either way continuation of a tattoo from one body part to another opens up a world of possibilites.

5. Simple Paper Crane Back Tattoos

back tattoo of paper origami on womens back

Well, this is a borderline shoulder tattoo, but let’s just say it is a back tattoo as it is so cute! Paper cranes, like all tattoos, appear in trends, I love these little ones. They represent strength, success, happiness, and good fortune in the Japanese culture, that aside, they look great. There is something very soothing about cranes, as for making one out of paper, absolutely no idea.

6. Goddess Back Tattoos

amazing back tattoo on asian women

There is always room for a goddess in our lives, perhaps you are one yourself, so get a goddess back tattoo and flaunt it. Goddess of good or goddess of evil, a great thing about tattoos or any type of art is that it is open for interpretation. What does this tattoo mean to you? That is really all that matters. Potentially draw your own? Do it!

7. Angel Wings Back Tattoos

angel wing back tattoo

Small or large, an angel wing back tattoo design can look incredible, many people relate to angels, what they represent, and the energy they bring. Religious or not, an angel can be your protector, offer you guidance or remind you of someone you have lost.

Never judge, there can be a lot of meaning linked to someone’s back tattoos.

8. Colorful Koi Back Tattoos

stunning back tattoos of bright colors on women

Boom, black against orange always stands out and is an incredible contrast. Koi are not just a wise old fish seen in Japanese ponds swimming over coins, no Sir. Koi back tattoos often stand for struggle and show the strength in overcoming large obstacles in life.

There is often more than meets the eye with a Koi represented in a tattoo.

9. Sanskrit Back Tattoos

long spine back tattoo on women

Sanskrit is an ancient language of India, it is powerful, mysterious, and perfect for back tattoos, in this case straight down the spine. Sanskrit is common for many reasons, including its power, its design, and also the private, code-like benefits of it.

You can a private message that is meaningful and have it there as a secret for you and you only. Well, unless the person next to you on the train can read Sanskrit that is.

10. Wolf, Cat, Custom Design Back Tattoos

middle back tattoo of colorful fox on women

Why does a tattoo have to have a special meaning? Sometimes getting a tattoo is just a bit of fun, a personal joke, a doodle you did when you were younger. Maybe it is your friend’s design, maybe it is your child’s, often the meaning is minimal and that is ok too. You should get it because YOU want to and that’s it.

11. Mermaid Back Tattoos

colorful back tattoo of mermaid

Mermaids are a mysterious creature from the sea, half women, half sea creatures, and always beautiful. Mermaids represent nature, freedom, warmth, and sexuality. A mermaid is a free spirit, one who effortlessly swims in the ocean.

Could there also be a little element of seduction on a mermaid tattoo, who knows?

12. Symbol Back Tattoos

black back tattoos on women in bikini

Symbols can have a huge amount of meaning as a tattoo. And, other times they can have absolutely no meaning at all, you might just get it as you love the look of that symbol. That’s it. As long as you like it and are happy with it, that’s all that matters.

13. Lotus Flower Back Tattoos

large back tattoo on skinny women

Oh, how we love a lotus flower tattoo. These stunning lotus flowers have a strong spiritual meaning of rebirth, beauty, prosperity, spirituality, and even eternity. What does it mean to you? Would you get a lotus flower as a back tattoo?

14. Henna Mandala Back Tattoos

henna back tattoos on young women

We are big fans of henna, whether it be for a celebration, cultural wedding or just to get a feel for what having a tattoo looks like on your body. So, what is henna? Henna is a plant-based die derived from the henna plant and henna tattoos have been a huge part of cultural tattoos for over 5000 years.

16. Rose Back Tattoos

rose back tattoos on asian women

Roses are always a good idea, especially in color, bright color and maybe their most popular color, red. Red roses represent passion, love, intimacy, and romance.

They are full of affection and also a little mystery. Rose back tattoos can be hidden or slightly shown to add to the intrigue. What about the thorns, are they shown?

This is another element of the rose tattoo you can play around with. The thorns in a rose tattoo can take it from loving and warm to naughty and nasty!

17. Koi Fish & Lotus Flower Back Tattoos

colorful carp back tattoos on red hair women

Bringing in the Koi symbol of perseverance or struggle that has been overcome and combining it with the positivity of a beautiful lotus flower is a perfect mix. Are you telling a story? Are you setting a scene? What are you portraying?

18. Watercolor Abstract Back Tattoos

art back tattoo on short haired women

The abstract back tattoo is a way to incorporate craziness into your design, what are you showing? What are you flaunting? What story are you trying to tell? Bringing in the watercolor design and feel adds to the brilliance of the design.

19. Mandala Lotus Back Tattoos

huge black back tattoo on young fit women

A mixture of two beautiful things in this stunning back tattoo. Bringing together multiple layers of spirituality and connectedness. These tattoos signal your earthy and spiritual nature to others and can be great reminders of your values and beliefs.

Incorporating mandalas gives you the opportunity to get creative even if you are not the artsiest, you will also find it highly soothing too.

20. Mandala Back Tattoos

large back tattoos on pretty women

Mandala back tattoos are not only visually beautiful but can tell a story. Mandalas speak to the interconnectedness of life with all its layers and cycles. Mandala back tattoos can be designed by you, loved ones or you can find mandala inspo on Instagram and online.

There is something so soothing and peaceful about a beautiful mandala.

21. Bird Back Tattoos

large colorful back tattoo on young women

Bird back tattoos depict beautiful nature-inspired scenes, such as the tattoo above with birds resting on a branch amidst roses.

Birds represent freedom, curiosity, adventure and fluidity. Bird tattoos will remind you to sore and let your bestself fly. Roses are deeply romantic, sensual and evoke feelings of love, femininity and romance. The combination of both is absolutely stunning.

22. Love Heart Back Tattoos

small heart back tattoo on womens upper back

Perhaps the most well-known symbol of all is the iconic, simple, heart. Signifying so much for so many people the heart significance traverses different peoples, cultures, and places. The heart is a reminder of human life, love, and connection.

Perhaps draw one yourself or get your best friend too. Better yet, both design it and both get it to signify love and friendship.

23. Symbol Back Tattoos

back and arm tattoos on pretty women

Lower back tattoos have always had sex appeal, they are naughty and show the wild side of someone. Symbols are hugely popular in this area and generally symmetrical ones.

This area is sensitive too, but not nearly as sensitive as the upper are of the spine.

24. Fine Line Cross Back Tattoos

upper back small tattoos on women

This delicate tattoo design brings together religious iconography and nature through the fine-lined roses and leaves.

Delicate, yet powerful, this tattoo conveys a depth of meaning and also is very pretty. You don’t have to be religious to have a cross tattoo, what does the power of a cross mean to you?

Incorporating a custom touch of, in this case, flowers is beautiful and adds to the uniqueness.

25. Text on Spine Back Tattoos

Text on Spine Back Tattoo

Spine tattoos hurt, full stop. The spine is a very sensitive part of the body due to the nerves and thin skin.

Getting a spine tattoo shows strength in the person, this can and often is part of the appeal. To add to the symbolism of strength get a message in English or another of your favorite languages too. You can get the whole spine or perhaps just a small message on the upper or lower area.

26. Fire Bird Back Tattoos

firebird back tattoo on women in bikini

The Fire Phoenix Tattoo has connotations of sun and fire. It is a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Reminding those who are near that we always have the freedom to start over and reinvent ourselves. Let the flames of creativity fly.

You can really get experimental and use bold bright colors. On the other hand, they can look great in black too.

27. Full Back Tattoos + Sleeves

full back tattoos on pretty women very colorful plus arm sleeves too

Your body is your canvas. This shows how creative you can get with tattoos across the major areas of exposure on the human body. Full-back and sleeve tattoos tell a comprehensive story and incorporate a diverse array of images and symbols.

The color scheme of these styles of tattoos can say a lot about the mood somebody would like to convey. The great thing is that you can get parts done separately over years or lock in a design and get it done over a few sessions.

Tell your story your own way!

28. Spirituality Back Tattoos

black back tattoos all over back of women

As we know, the back is the largest and flattest area of the human body and is perfect for self-expression.

Often you will find that tattoo artists have amazing examples of what’s possible on their bodies. Tattoos are all collections of individual stories. When you next get a tattoo, look closely at the artist, and what they have, and ask a few questions, you will be amazed at what you find out.

29. Birds & Flowers Back Tattoos

beautiful back tattoos on sporty women

Birds and flowers are always a perfect combination, always. Often people choose the bird or the flower based on individual meaning. Alternatively, they love the scene of how they interact in nature, their coexistence, and their fluidity. Starting with a bird or a flower gives you the opportunity to add one or another at a later stage too.

30. Angel Wings Back Tattoos

huge wing back tattoo and snake on young women

Well, this angel is clearly not scared of snakes! Angels & angel wings are amazing, spiritual symbols. When you think of an angel, what do you think of? Angels to us represent freedom, passion, protection and love. You can go into religious meanings or you can take them for what they are, beautiful and serene.

Angel wing back tattoos work perfectly on your back where wings would go, or try small versions behind the ear, on the inner wrist or on the ankle can look great too.

31. The Girl With The Dragon Back Tattoos

full back tattoo on women in bikini

Asian culture has always been a mystery, with such a long history, there is so much we can take away from it.

When it comes to tattoos, writing aside, you will find dragons. Dragons can represent strength, power, and often intelligence, they can also stand for fortune and luck in some cultures too.

Dragons are often seen as protectors and they can also be seen as aggressors. It all depends on what sort of style and coloring you choose.

32. Big Symbol Back Tattoos

upper back tattoo on women in lingerie

Tattoos come in all sizes, but big ones on your back, irrelevant of what they show, there are always elements of strength apparent.

The upper back area is delicate, especially for a tattoo that needs a lot of coloring and shading. A women’s upper back is often on show too, whether in summer dresses or bikinis down the beach.

Deciding to start or end the tattoo in the neck area allows it to peak up out of a shirt or t-shirt opening up intrigue to the observer.

33. Poppy Flower Tattoos

flower back tattoo on women in the nature

Poppies are an amazon flower, their buds are so small and innocent and look a little odd.

Then boom! You can just about see the bud open when it is time. The flower opens very quickly and erupts into amazing colours, typically being orange, but pink, yellow and red are seen too.

A poppy represents strength for the women that have it etched in their skin, it can symbolize life and death. It can also be a symbol to show respect to someone you have lost, a tribute if you will.

34. Angel Wings Back Tattoos

upper back tattoo on fitness women

Do you have a serious look about yourself? Do you want to show the world your inner softness and beauty, perhaps get an angel wing tattoo?

You don’t have to get it on your back, in fact, like all tattoos you can get them anywhere. You will find the angel tattoo wearer either get’s the tattoo for the look or wants it there to represent, guidance, hope and faith.

35. Cross & Angel Wings Tattoos

two black back tattoos on fit women
We had to finish with this incredible pic. A true follower of the faith. Boom. Nothing else to say.

The Bottom Line

Getting a tattoo is a big deal for some and an everyday occurrence for others. Back tattoos can also be a large financial investment, size, and artist skill depending. We hope this article has inspired you with design and placement ideas.

As you will have noticed a few times throughout the content, we repeat the same important message. Whatever you get and wherever you get it, is your decision. People will always judge and that’s cool.

Remember, what other people think of you is none of your business.


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