Extremely Realistic Cake Designs By Byashim Soltanov

Who is Byashim Soltanov?

Byashim Soltanov was born and raised in Turkmenistan, and for the moment he lives and works there. He studied at the art school in Ashgabat where he realized his passion for drawing and painting.

As you will see, his talent for creating and painting cakes is incredible.

The Godfather themed cake by Byashim Soltanov

What Does He Create?

Unlike most confectioners, he doesn’t make ordinary, layered cakes, instead, Byashim creates extremely realistic cake designs.

In fact, you won’t believe they are something edible, as they just look like sculptures.

He has a string of stunning creations that include The Joker, Madonna, and Harry Potter to name just a few, and he even designed his self-sculpture in cake form.

He explores his creative skills on the cakes he makes and the result is always amazing.

In order to get to know and understand him and his talent, we had an online interview with him and asked him about his source of inspiration.

Byashim told us that a good atmosphere, his mood and beautiful music trigger his imagination the most. He is a true Madonna fan (as are we) and her music has always been a source of his inspiration.

He defines his cakes as scenic cakes. “I started an Instagram account in order to become a famous confectioner artist not only in our country, but I want to be recognized as a famous confectioner artist in the world.” he told us.

It is extremely challenging material to create art with as you have limited time to finish your work before the ingredients you use get spoiled. Among the main tools, materials, and ingredients, he has some secret weapons to make these outstanding pieces which we expect him to reveal in the future.

Byashim surprises his followers with his realistic Madonna cake. “Madonna is one of my favorite works. Including I love Madonna very much, her music always inspires me.” he says.

Why Does He Create?

The pastry is one of the interesting areas where creatives let their imagination play artistically.

These days, there are many professional cake artists and pastry chefs out there who devote themselves to giving the best examples of various incredible and magical desserts. Byashim is surely one of them, and he dedication to his craft shows with the breathtaking realistic cakes he creates.

Thanks to Instagram, artists can present their art pieces and reach millions of people in the world.

Coming across someone like Byashim who is following his calling and loving it along the way is truly inspiring.

Please scroll down to see some breathtaking creations, we hope you like them as much as we do!


Here we share just some of his impressive cake art examples, but please follow his journey on Instagram.

cake artist paints realistic cake of the joker
One morning, he got up and unexpectedly started to make a Joker cake. You cannot foresee when inspiration comes and in what way.
the joker cake
Life is too short. Enjoy it!
scary clown cake
You can get lost in details in which he pours his hand skills generously.
amazingly realistic cake
He made this one for his friend’s birthday. It is impossible to put a knife to such a cake, don’t you think?
colorful harry potter cake
This one is for Harry Potter fans!
naomi campbell cake
Naomi Campbell in her most delicious form.
mad hatter tea party cake
“I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say ‘hello, goodbye,’ I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”
alice in wonderland cake tea party
Eat me!
scary witch cake
realistic cake design of women in can
amazing cake artist painting a cake
Bayashim cake artist at work paintng a cake
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