Revolt Tattoos, If You Don’t Know, You Need To!

Revolt Tattoos’ Success Story

Revolt Tattoos’ humble beginnings brought them to stardom. Joey Hamilton, a modest yet passionate founder of Revolt Tattoos had a vision. A vision to craft tattoos outside the norms of the commercialized tattoo industry. 

The name Revolt Tattoos was inspired by a movement against mediocre tattoos. Joey and his crew went outside the box to provide pristine tattoo artworks on par with their excellent customer service. 

Joey knows how special and personal skin art is. For him, it’s no good to create second-rate tattoos for clients. He wanted every customer to come out of the shop feeling awesome. With their cutting-edge tattoo technology and heart for every work they create, Revolt Tattoos carved itself an elite reputation in the industry. 

Revolt Tattoos’ success was made into reality when Joey won Spike TV’s Inkmaster Season 3. His fame put his name and his shop on every tattoo magazine and tabloid in the country. Such victory brought high-end clients to their doorstep and a flood of popularity.

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Tattoo artist drawing on arm and on skin of client

Revolt Tattoos World-Class Tattoo Studio

Revolt Tattoos was established on July 4th, 2014. Due to their top-notch customer service and flawless tattoo artworks, Revolt Tattoos has set high standards in the tattoo industry. 

Revolt Tattoos was built on passion and love for fine art. Joey’s vision along with his co-founder “Sausage”, revolutionized how tattoos are viewed by society. Tattoos being wrongly interpreted as a rebel tag for the underground culture have now become a high-end trend. 

Revolt Tattoos encompass the full spectrum of what skin art should be. Giving value to customers is one important aspect. A level of customer service that no other shops offer is another thing. Lastly, lastly the sophisticated of body art they craft is what every client craves.

These factors are the hard-earned foundation of Revolt Tattoos. 

Revolt Tattoos Tattoo Shop Edge

Revolt Tattoos follows a modern approach to the old-school tattooing culture. The shop encompasses all styles. With the goal of turning the negative perspective of tattoos in mind, Revolt Tattoos put emphasis on tattoos as works of art. 

Revolt Tattoos does not just simply take your design and etch it on your skin. They educate every client who walks in the shop, especially first-timers. They deliver outright safety and cleanliness during the session. Revolt Tattoo artists are professionals. On top of that, they love what they do for a living. And it definitely shows on every skin art they create. 

Who Owns Revolt Tattoos?

Joey Hamilton – Revolt Tattoo Founder

Joey Hamilton has been tattooing for over two decades. He has been all around the world creating first-rate tattoos. His fame, however, skyrocketed when he entered and won season three of Inkmaster. The competition puts his name on the map of world-renowned tattoo artists. 

Joey Hamilton has won more than a hundred international awards. With that said, it is no question that he is a legendary veteran in the industry. His art exudes diversity & he can tattoo different styles with ease. His preference, however, is realism, It is his foremost edge. 

Joey Hamilton wants to highlight the skills of different artists doing varied styles. He wants a team of tattoo artists who encompass diversity, but with one common denominator. And that is creating “kick-ass” tattoos every time. No compromises. 

Walter “Sausage” Frank – Revolt Tattoo Co-Owner

Walter Frank, just like almost everyone else, started his career at the bottom. Who knows that a local t-shirt artist and screen printer in Seattle would become a world-class tattoo artist? 

Walter “Sausage” Frank was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. He made a bold move moving to Anchorage, Alaska to switch careers. Art was what drove Walter into the tattoo industry. 

In 1999, Walter became an apprentice at Larry Allen’s Anchorage Tattoo Studio. This was where he gathered and enhanced his skills as an artist. Then again, he made another bold move and went to Phoenix, Arizona. There, he started a job at Club Tattoo and stayed for 13 years. 

Walter, still under the radar, garnered more skills by working with several renowned tattoo artists in his time. Terry “Wookie” Hoffman, Matt Geiogamah, Chris Garcia, and his greatest mentor, Joey Hamilton. 

Walter has earned many awards. His name has been in newspapers and magazines across the world. But, the one event that made him instantly famous worldwide was when he made it to Inkmaster Season 4 on Spike TV. He came in second and got the unofficial title of America’s Inkmaster. 

Walter is also famous online. His social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have gained huge followings!

What sets Walter apart from other tattoo artists is his ability to create skin art using all styles. Be it realistic tattoos rendered in black and white. Or an ink overloaded with details and colors. Not to mention how he can cover up an old tattoo as if it wasn’t even there in the first place.

Walter’s attention to detail is incomparable and his tattoos are never short of breathtaking.

revolt tattoos

Where is Revolt Tattoo Located?

Revolt Tattoos first originated in Las Vegas. Due to the high demand for their high-end artworks, they now have four locations.

  • Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall
  • Las Vegas Meadows Mall
  • Lake Tahoe – Hard Rock
  • Salt Lake – Fashion Place Mall

How Long is the Wait for Revolt Tattoos? 

Every day the artists are jammed-packed. The lines are through the roof. Revolt Tattoo stores located in Las Vegas are the busiest. The wait could take only be weeks, well that’s if you get lucky. On a brighter note, you can book your appointment in advance via their website.

You can send your desired tattoo design and wait for their email. What’s a month of waiting for an impeccable piece of art anyways?

If you think at least a month of wait is too long, you can book your appointment at Revolt Tattoos shops outside Vegas. They house great artists with incredible talent. You can choose the artist that best fits your design and style.

Here are the profiles of some of the Revolt Tattoos artists and their designated locations:

Revolt Tattoo Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas

Revolt Tattoo Fashion Show Mall Artists

Eric Axle – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Eric Axle is not your ordinary tattoo artist. He earned his experience and skills on the streets. Not the streets of his local neighborhood, but streets all over the world. He immersed himself in different cultures to expand his inspiration. 

Eric Axle’s notable tattoo artworks first started in downtown Nashville in early 2011. Nashville being a creative town, honed his skills and gave him a lot of room for creativity. He then moved to Alabama to go beyond his comfort zone. After a few years, he went ahead to sunny Florida. He stayed there for a few years to collect more experience.

Eric Axle, being an adventurous soul, tried his luck outside the country. He traveled the world with nothing but tattooing in his mind and tattoo equipment in his backpack. Eric Axle took the flight to Colombia to see a world different from where he grew his tattooing skills. Then, flew to Amsterdam to elevate his qualities and garner foreign influence. After, he went ahead to the oriental country of Singapore. There he tattooed at street shops and learned a lot about Asian culture and art too. 

His last stop was Revolt Tattoos in Las Vegas. With his hard-earned skills and worldly inspirations, Eric Axle can do tattoos using different styles. His cutting-edge are defined linework and minimalist tattoos. 

Jason Tritten – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Jason Tritten, at a young age, was already exposed to heavily inked town locals. He was born and raised in central Missouri. A town located outside a military base where most people are covered in ink. 

As a young gun curious about anything and everything, skin art piqued his attention. When he reached the age of twenty-one, Jason decided to become a full-time tattoo artist. His training ground is his hometown where tattoos were normalized

After years of apprenticeship, Jason went out of his comfort zone and migrated to Nebraska. Then, his calling brought him to Las Vegas, where he now resides. Being a tattoo artist allowed him to travel and collaborate with other artists. Doing so, influenced and inspired his craft and enhanced his skills. 

Jason specializes in neo-traditional and traditional styles. He creates distinct tattoos exuding clean lines contrasted in bold colors. The way he strokes every line so pristinely creates a timeless image. The audacious splashes of hues he incorporates give his tattoos a modern appeal. 

Chris Beck – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Chris Beck is the master of irony. His work flaunts a perfect contrast of dark scary images to the tender form of flowers. He has been creating skin art here and there for twenty-one years. His work exhibits a mix of realism rendered in audacious designs. Ironically speaking, he is also best at painting the skin legos and nerdy stuff too.

Choofee “aka” Robert Hirsh – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Choofee is a Norweigian local. He grew up in an otherworldly place. Trondheim, Norway is a city enveloped in a cold atmosphere. A place where the sky dances at night and tattoos aren’t a thing most people see as typical.

After moving to San Diego, tattoos caught his eye. His first tattoo was a random design he took out of some guy’s wall. A tiger with kanji symbol. In his hometown, only bikers owned tattoo shops. A fifteen-year-old boy having tattoos is not a normal sight to see. But, he went for it anyway just before his 16th birthday and wore wife-beater shirts just to show them off. 

By 2019, Choofee became one of the elite artists of Revolt Tattoos. Given his diverse background, Choofee was entitled to own a chair in Las Vegas as one of the great ones. 

Kapps – Revolt Tattoo Artist

It all started in his doodle-stained forearms every time he was left unattended. Kapps was already using skin as canvas at an age too young to even hold a pen properly. He is a self-taught artist. Kapps honed his skills using the very little means he had while working at a construction site. 

Back then, becoming one of the elites of Revolt Tattoos was far-fetch. But one misfortune led him to a greater fortune. A leg injury forced him to leave all the messy bits of the construction site. Since then, he never looked back. He went ahead and indulged in his artistic inclination. 

Kapps became a tattoo artist at Ascension Tattoo in Twin Falls, Idaho. His passion gave him outright focus to develop his craft. Now, he is one of the go-to guys for cover-up projects. His specialties encompass all styles, he is a true talented all-rounder. 

BJ Rascon – Revolt Tattoo Artist

BJ Rascon is an all-around artist. He earned his artistic views and skills by doing all sorts of art. From sketching on paper, spray painting street walls to creating art on skin, BJ’s diverse influence surfaces in many ways.

BJ explores all kinds of styles that he incorporates into all his work. Thus, it is quite obvious how his craft exhibits originality. BJ is an expert in creating pieces with striking colors and realistic black and gray tattoos. Until then, he still continues to explore other drawing styles in his free time. When he is not at the shop, he is probably attending some tattoo convention somewhere learning from other artists.

tattoo artist putting a tattoo on a womens hand
Brad Huntington – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Growing up in a small town in Oregon for a child whose dream is to become a tattoo artist was hard. Art was Brad’s passion ever since learned to hold a pencil. Since then, art never left his life. He learned the craft on his own. Despite his mother’s disapproval, Brad still continued to pursue his dreams. 

At the age of 18, he made a bold move and went to Boise, ID. He started as an apprentice for three years. Then, after a few years of experience, he opened his own tattoo shop. It stood proudly for 15 years. Until some breeze passed by that enticed him to move to Las Vegas in 2020. 

Brad is the guy to call if you have a tattoo that badly needs a cover-up. He is always up for the challenge. He can free-hand like a maniac (his exact words btw), and mimic anything and everything. His edge clings around portraits, new school, biomechanical, realism, and dark and evil tattoos. 

Steve Rivas – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Steve was born in El Salvador in Central America but raised in North Las Vegas. He started his tattooing career back in 2012. It took him a year of apprenticeship and another five years to improve and refine his skills. 

Apart from ink and skin, his favorite mediums also include graphite, colored pencils, and charcoal. With nine years of experience in the field, Steve never stopped learning new techniques. He is best at creating colored animations, linework, and black and gray tattoos

Revolt Tattoo Lake Tahoe

Revolt Tattoo Lake Tahoe Artists

Elijah Nguyen – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Elijah can bring to life anything the client has in mind. Art is his whole life. There’s nothing more important to him than his passion for the arts. His paint-stained hands got him through life’s adversities. 

Elijah is an artist who made art as a form of escape. Now, he has over a decade of experience in the industry. His pure love for tattoos garnered his varied skills and tattoo techniques. He can do any pieces designed in any style, and he does so amazingly. 

Krystof – Revolt Tattoo Artist (Fashion Show and Lake Tahoe)

Krystof is either the one creating the tattoo or the canvas. One day he is the guy driving a classic car. The next day, probably fronting Achromatica in some cool bar. On slow days, you’ll find him petting a cute cat or playing with his grandchildren. 

Krystof is a concrete example of someone living the best life on earth. On the other hand, tattoos play a huge role in his dream life. His tattoo career started in a place where skin art was illegal. Enfield CT, New England, in the ’90s disapproved of the idea of etching artworks on people. But that didn’t discourage Krystof. Rather, he went ahead and followed his heart’s desires. 

With that said, it is no question that Krystof is one guy you can trust to do the art wonderfully. With his long history of revolting against the norms, the pieces he creates exude an intense devotion to his craft. 

tattoo artist give a black sleeve to a man

Revolt Tattoo Meadows Mall Las Vegas

Revolt Tattoo Meadows Mall Artist

Corbin Imlay – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Corbin is the youngest in the group. But such an age difference is no disadvantage for him. His mentors are Joey Hamilton and “Sausage”/ With that being said, it’s no question that he can become the tattoo artist he wants to be. Perhaps even surpass his masters in the future. 

What is more important for Corbin, however, is exceeding the expectations of his clients. He strives for greatness using ink pigments and needles as weapons. Corbin is the go-to guy when it comes to American traditional, Japanese styles, and realism

Schwab – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Schwab is a tattoo artist and illustrator from the small seaside curb of Puget Sound. He is an imaginative artist that creates out-of-this-world tattoo designs. Schwab’s pieces radiate bright and vivid colors done in a bold and brash manner. 

He can capture his client’s vision through the intricacy of his works. The details of every tattoo piece he creates are awe-inspiring. It’s too detailed that it can almost look like a real-life photograph. 

Taylor Inscore – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Taylor’s art background is quite different from the others. He went to an art school and studied the craft inside the four walls of a classroom. Despite his fine art background, Taylor was magnetized by the idea of using skin as a canvas. 

Now, Taylor creates tattoo pieces that exhibit neo-traditional, color realism, and black and gray. On top of that, he is also the go-to guy for freehand script tattoos. His style emanates versatility and refinement. 

Marco Hyder – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Marco was first struck by the Japanese tattooing style. It was the inspiration that led him to where he is now. He’s been tattooing anywhere. From the old city of Virginia to the eclectic scene of Austin, down to the art scene in Berlin, Marco gathered all that he can to diversify his craft. 

For years, he indulges himself in creating various tattoo designs such as western traditional to realistic tattoos. However, Japanese tattoos captured him deeply. Thus, he is now focused on tattooing anything Japanese. 

Emma Dudley – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Emma, the rose among the thorns, surely can do tattoos as good as her male colleagues. She first started her creative career as a set design teacher at Capitol Theater Arts Academy. But such a profession just didn’t cut it. So, she went to Las Vegas and became one of Joey and Walter’s apprentices. 

Emma does mostly, anime, realism, and comic culture. Her style radiates her unique and vibrant personality. When she’s not crafting tattoos on someone’s skin, she’s either fostering cute felines or learning the Japanese language. 

Revolt Tattoo Salt Lake

Revolt Tattoo Salt Lake Artist

Joe Pagoria – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Joe is an all-in-one tattoo artist. He can do neo-traditional, Japanese, and black and gray tattoos. Being born and raised in Central Florida, Joe grew up inspired by many things in bright hues. Despite being versatile, Joe is recognized for his nerdy tattoos drawn in bold linework rendered in solid colors. 

Tyler Larrabee “aka” Pink Pessimist Tattoo – Revolt Tattoo Artist

Tyler’s love for the arts was sparked by his grandma. A traditional painter. Definitely, art already runs through his blood right from the moment he was born. He has been tattooing for seven years and he doesn’t say no to any pieces new to him. Mostly, his work exhibits neo-traditional and color realism. When he’s not immersing in tattooing, Joe is probably capturing beautiful photos, painting, or crafting some tunes. 

tattoo artist tattooing a colourful forearm tattoo

Time To Take Action – Revolt Tattoos

Revolt Tattoos is one place that delivers an overall tattoo experience. Inside the shops of Revolt Tattoos, tattoos are seen and valued as fine art. The artists create pieces with intense connection and passion. Tattoos are supposed to be like that. These artists know why people get tattoos. They feel connected to every piece and every client they serve.

I hope you have the opportunity to visit a Revolt Shop, it’s an awesome experience.