What Do Butterfly Tattoos Symbolize? There’s More To It

Butterflies are no ordinary insects, they boast incomparable allure. Butterflies move in elegant grace and are enveloped with a splendid magnetic charm. But, what do butterfly tattoos symbolize? Femininity and good luck, but the rarity of its veneer, however, is ephemeral. Thus, butterflies also symbolize the fleeting beauty of life.

A butterfly endures a long manner of transformation called metamorphosis. The cycle of a butterfly’s momentary life on earth is strong-willed. It embodies intimate and deep-rooted meanings and the purpose mostly comes from within. In a metaphorical sense, females also withstand metamorphosis.  

The ravishing appeal of butterflies makes for cunning skin art, a feminine tattoo that displays the tender charisma of females. 

Butterfly Symbolism from Different Cultures

Different cultures interpret things differently, what one culture thinks of a butterfly tattoo differs in another culture.

Let’s look further into this.

  • China – an insignia of love.
  • Japan – a soul of someone about to leave or has already left the physical world.
  • Native American – the essence of transitions in life.
  • Blackfeet Tribe – the carrier of dreams.
  • Hopi Tribe – a wildlife spirit.
  • Navaho Tribe – a symbol of true joy and resurrection.
  • Aztec – a divine being.
  • Celtic – the emblem of the soul. 
  • Roman – represents marriage and weddings.
  • Greek – a symbol for the mind and soul. 
  • Christian – symbolizes new life. 
what do butterfly tattoos symbolize

The Meanings of Butterfly Tattoo Colors

Butterflies, every so often, come in colors. When a butterfly is rendered in certain colors, a new meaning is birthed. 

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

A butterfly tattoo, coupled with the subtle hues of blue becomes a good luck charm. Explicitly, blue signifies living a blissful life. Butterflies colored in the shades of blue are rare and sighting one is an extraordinary moment. 

Azure wings embody an innocent and carefree spirit. A person wanting a butterfly painted in cerulean tints flaunts creative energy. Likewise, a carefree spirit who’s always up for an adventure. 

Blue butterfly tattoos are simply visually beaming. As the first of its kind to sprout in spring, blue butterflies depict new beginnings, a sign of hope and positive changes in life. Lastly, blue butterflies manifest the child-like wonder of a free-spirited woman. 

Black Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Black butterflies are reminders of our temporary lives. At a glance, black butterfly tattoos may vibe a dark meaning, however, it is something that goes beyond its physical appearance. Black butterfly tattoos exemplify one’s acceptance of aging. 

The black butterfly tattoo is an emblem that gives light to the concept of death, and that death is inevitable. An imminent cycle that every human being needs to embrace and accept.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Purple butterfly tattoos exude elegance. Purple butterflies are graceful creatures resilient to life’s adversities, however, they too carry a heavy meaning. A butterfly tattoo piques the attention of someone facing a hidden hardship. A person that appears good on the surface yet bears a massive burden. 

On the contrary, purple butterfly tattoos radiate elegance. Purple is the color of noble blood and a color fitting for royalty. The delicate patterns of purple butterfly tattoos pique the attention of someone seeking higher consciousness. A strong spiritual connection to oneself and the universe. 

woman with a small butterfly tattoo on her hand

Yellow Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Yellow butterfly tattoos signify happiness, a Chinese ideology that many believed. In a Scottish sense, a yellow butterfly tattoo represents peace, and with peace, comes joy. 

A yellow butterfly tattoo exhibits one’s innocence and an emblem that depicts a deep connection to one’s inner self. In essence, a yellow butterfly tattoo projects a playful image with sincere meanings. 

Red Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

A red butterfly tattoo is often painted in rich luscious tones. It goes well with the meaning it carries which is love and passion. A butterfly tattoo, in the Native American sense, means good luck is about to come your way. 

Pink Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Pink butterfly tattoos flaunt a youthful and tender image. Also, it shows one’s love and compassion. A pink butterfly tattoo is by far the most feminine. Its soft tones and light shades appeals kind of beauty that is comforting. 

Pink butterfly tattoos portray an exciting new love, a wholesome kind of love. A love that radiates a child-like heart. Moreover, pink butterfly tattoos mean the birth of new life. A renewal that translates to a butterfly’s metamorphosis. 

Rainbow Butterfly Tattoos

A rainbow butterfly tattoo carries a psychedelic mind. A person embracing the fleeting journey of life in a kaleidoscopic way possible. It is a symbol of one’s essential transformation in life. A rainbow tattoo celebrates the vibrancy of one’s new life. A representation of being renewed to a better place and better you. 

Popular Butterfly Tattoo Designs with Meanings

woman with butterfly tattoo on her chest

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

A butterfly tattoo translated in a semicolon design stands for a stance against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. On the flip side, the semicolon is used to combine two complete sentences into one. In a metaphorical sense, life might have ended, but the story still continues to flourish. Semicolon butterfly tattoos are popular as tiny tattoos.

A semicolon tattoo is for believers in life after death but not a kind of life revolving around earthly possessions. Rather, a life gifted by a higher power and something that only a few dare to fathom. Henceforth, a semicolon tattoo is a beginning of a new life influenced by your past. 

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

A tribal butterfly tattoo bears a meaningful heritage of one’s culture, a rich history that has been passed on for centuries. A tribal butterfly is more than just an amalgam of shapes and patterns. Each element signifies the genuine meanings of one’s roots. 

Additionally, tribal butterfly tattoos are about embracing change and moving forward. A worthwhile life-changing circumstance that shook one’s world. Thus, one can either stay stagnant or dwell on the possibilities of such change. 

woman with butterfly tattoo on her arm

Celtic Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

A Celtic butterfly tattoo depicts one’s ability to transform into a completely new being that shares the concept of metamorphosis. Celtic butterfly tattoos mean turning one’s orbit around. Delving into a new life as a new person, a better one for that matter.

Moreover, a Celtic butterfly tattoo bears ancestral beliefs about eternity. Living a long and healthy life not only in the physical sense but also in the mind and spirit. 

Aztec Butterfly Tattoos

Aztec butterfly tattoos tell us about our ephemeral existence on earth. Likewise, eternal life awaits after death. Aztec butterfly tattoos preach the idea of rejuvenation. A kind of renewal that will not be attained with the absence of sacrifice. 

Aztec butterfly tattoos are a reminder that one has to make compromises to achieve greatness. Lastly, Aztec butterfly tattoos represent one’s birth and death, an inevitable cycle. 

Skull with Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

The soft and vibrant appeal of the butterfly, coupled with a skull, might display a strong contrast. They are quite the polar opposites. Also, a bit unusual, but despite this, these two blended into one tattoo design connotes a philosophical meaning. 

Skull tattoos symbolize death and are an emblem of one’s temporary journey on earth. The butterfly tattoo, on the other hand, brings lightness to the dark image of the skull, a balance between the light and dark. It is a tattoo that reminds us to live a colorful life before leaving the physical world. 

Such a grotesque combination does not only presents the meaning of life and death. The skull and butterfly tattoo exhibits overcoming suffering. And with that suffering, hope begins to birth. Skull with a butterfly tattoo is for someone dealing with internal battles.  

tattoo artist tattooing a butterfly on the hands

The butterfly and skull tattoo also represents the transition from two opposite stages in life. The skull signifies one’s dark past whilst, the butterfly portrays a new beginning. In other words, it is about closing one door and opening another. 

A butterfly and skull tattoos bear intimate meanings while carrying the unbearable lightness of existing in the physical world. A tattoo that carries both grief and happiness. It is a representation of a life’s balance as one journeys his erratic ephemeral life. 

Infinity Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

A butterfly tattoo translated through the infinity sign mean immortality. It depicts a kind of change that forces one to transform an old way of living. An infinity butterfly tattoo hoists a powerful meaning, contrasting its simplicity. 

The infinity sign coupled with the grand gestures of a butterfly becomes a symbol of eternal love. A kind of love that can withstand the unpredictable tests of time. This combination also embodies eternal life filled with happiness and love. 

So, What Do Butterfly Tattoos Symbolize? – Conclusion

Butterfly tattoos may seem too feminine, perhaps even too soft and light. However, despite there is a contrast, butterflies are beautiful creatures that go through hardships during their borrowed time on earth. 

Butterflies teach humankind to embrace what life has bestowed, be it good or bad, and make something beautiful out of it. Butterflies fly with grace and radiate elegant motions. It is unapologetic for its tender beauty. 

Butterfly tattoo designs bear wonderful yet rooted meanings. Butterflies are insignias of the life cycle of every living thing on the planet, they open one’s eyes to the possibilities of death as well as the fruitful possibilities of birth. 

Butterfly tattoos depict a cycle that no one can escape. A life cycle of ups and downs. The challenges of the dark while holding onto the light. And the reality of life being ephemeral yet beautiful…