Ale Chiritescu Illustrates Creatively On Yoga, Coffee, and Women

Who is Ale Chiritescu?

Ale Chiritescu is a 28-year-old Romanian artist who illustrates yoga, coffee, and women. She only started drawing 1 and a half years ago.

She is a self-taught artist who is inspired is inspired by her passion for yoga and obsession with coffee ( we can relate). She is one of those who believe that yoga adds years to your life and life to your years and she reflects this with highly inspirational illustrations each of which boosts life energy.

an illustration of a woman in the middle of a vibrant field

What Does She Do?

Ale combines all her obsessions to create these impressive illustrations. She prefers using warm tones for her lively art pieces. Some of them also include inspiring messages such as; “Some days you just have to create your own sunshine – remember that”, which makes their printed form look brilliant on the wall or by your desk.

In order to get to know her better, we had an online interview with Ale and asked about her style, “I think my style is simple and feminine and I always try to capture the beauty of everything that surrounds me.” Her illustrations are soothing, but their impressive effect is undoubtedly powerful.

a woman doing a yoga pose on a pink background

Why Does She Create?

Ale loves to live by the saying, “Tend to your garden and your flowers will bloom”, she encourages people to take action over their own lives and supports them with almost daily affirmations.

She believes that by finding our own light inside, we can enlighten the life paths of others and she uses her creativity and artistic skills in order to spread this message.


If you are one of those who can’t start the day without a cup of strong coffee first, then you’ll definitely fall in love with her illustrations. Just check them out in our gallery and follow her on Instagram for more and get some prints from her Etsy shop.

an illustration of a woman looking calm and meditating
a woman doing the triangle yoga pose
a woman in pink background doing a tree pose
a woman holding up a huge cup of coffee
a woman doin a tree pose with stacks of cup of coffee on both hands
a woman doing a forearm stand with a cup of coffee on her feet
a woman doing a yoga bow pose with cups of coffee on her right hand and right leg
woman doing a warrior 1 pose
a woman meditating with coffee cups on both hands
woman doing a cow face yoga pose