What Tattoos Say About A Person, Really?

Tattoos used to be a medical procedure, an acupuncture treatment to be exact. But, what do tattoos say about a person now? It solely depends on the person’s views on tattoos. Some may see it as a rebellious act, while others view it as an art.  

Many still cling to the old-school perspective that tattoos are for criminals. Whilst, people with tattoos, consider body art as self-expression that portrays their unique characters. It’s intrapersonal, really, because everyone carries unique perspectives.

What Kind of Person Get a Tattoo?

A Resilient One

Tattoos are painful. For one to consciously choose to endure the pain of it, exhibits resilience. Moreover, tattoos come with a lot of judgment and those judgments mostly come from people whose minds are traditional. 

A Committed One

Tattoos are permanent and once you have them, they’ll be there for life. It is pretty much a self-pledge. A person with tattoos understands bears a strong sense of commitment. Hence, it somehow reflects how they commit to a relationship, passion, or goals.

A Confident One

Tattoos exhibit one’s confidence, the confidence to show off what they want. Wearing skin art proudly for the world to see, speaks of one’s confident character. 

what tattoos say about a person

An Understanding One

It takes a lot of empathy to stray away from criticism because having tattoos may project a negative character. Being able to resist the banter, exhibits a thorough understanding as well as being empathetic to those whose beliefs differ. 

A Profound One

Tattoos aren’t just randomly chosen and it takes a lot of processes to favor a design. People with tattoos choose a design according to their wants and beliefs. Some choose a certain tattoo because of the deep-rooted meaning that comes with it. Nowadays, on the other hand, the new generation treats tattoos as body ornaments. Regardless, tattoos are for those people who stand by their own life’s principles. 

The Enigmatic One

Tattoos exhibit a magical character or even someone who walks a mysterious life. A person’s tattoo projects the hidden truth about their personality. Such truth is translated through the design, the colors, and the placement. 

The Appreciative One

Tattoos exhibit a radical kind of beauty, however, a beauty that comes with pain. For one to appreciate the beauty in all shapes and forms is rare. Be it in a simple fashion of fine line tattoos or, perhaps, a grand design splashed with vivid colors, tattoos give off a kind of art some people don’t find any essence. 

A Radical One

Tattoed people are creatively inclined that expresses their characters through skin art fashion. Given the fact that tattoos are painful, choosing to have one is quite a radical move. Despite people having tattoos often getting misunderstood, truly they are nothing short of being extraordinary. 

a tattooed woman in a classic car

What Tattoos Don’t Say About A Person?

We’ve talked about what tattoos say about a person, now let’s flip the conversation. This is what tattoos don’t say about a person.

  • Uneducated
  • Criminals
  • Religious Zealot
  • A Prisoner
  • Promiscuous 
  • Unprofessional
  • Unemployable
  • Reckless
  • Impulsive
  • Rebellious
  • Low-Class
  • Immature
  • Threatening

What Does The Placement Of A Tattoo Means?

Forearms Tattoos Meaning

Forearms tattoos aren’t easy to hide and it is a spot where tattoos are too visible. The forearms are the ones to choose if someone wants to flaunt tattoos. A person opting for forearm tattoos is generally full of confidence.

Having a serious tattoo on the forearm exhibits a tough facade. A sweet and feminine tattoo design, on the other hand, projects a strong veneer but is tenderly deep on the inside. 

Neck Tattoos Meaning

a guy with neck tattoos and chest tattoos

Neck tattoos on the front demand attention. The owner of the tattoo feels no need to conceal and it is placed there for everyone to see. Front neck tattoos are hard to cover unless one intentionally wears something to conceal it. A person with neck tattoos shows a confident personality with a firm grasp on his own decisions and wants. They are unapologetic about other people’s opinions about it. 

The back of neck tattoos, on the other hand, are more discreet because it’s not as exposed as front neck tattoos. People with nape tattoos enjoy their own personal freedom. They tend to stray away from those who contradict their opinion. Thus, they rather keep the tattoo hidden because they don’t feel the need to let the world know it exists, perhaps, only a few close friends. 

The lower back side neck tattoos bear a different symbolism. It flaunts a brave person up for making bold moves. Moreover, this area is sensitive, making it one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. 

Behind The Ear Tattoos Meaning

Tattoos behind the ear are ideal for tiny tattoos due to their limited space. People with tattoos behind their ears are known to be free-spirited. In contrast, they also want to have a choice to expose or hide it. 

Also, the ears bear our sense of hearing, making it an ideal space for musically inclined people. Additionally, those with behind-the-ear tattoos carry a fun-loving personality. They portray a hippie, go-getter, easy-going lifestyle. Also, these people speak aren’t their minds the same way they express their hearts’ desires without apology. 

Back Tattoos Meaning

The back stands as the body’s foundation which is an important part of our physical structure. A person with back tattoos seeks or already has stability. Lower back tattoos, on the other hand, are popular with females who want to show off their sensuality and confidence. 

As for the male population, back pieces are popular. Back tattoos flaunt one’s self-assured personality and confidence to endure the long hours of pain. Also, the confidence to cover a huge portion of their bodies with ink. On a different note, back tattoos are often chosen when one’s important phase in life ends. 

a woman with large back tattoo

Chest Tattoos Meaning

Chest tattoos bear a very important meaning to the person. A large chest tattoo close to the heart carries a deep essence that one holds so dearly. Small tattoos on the chest, however, symbolize a notable life event. A representation of something that turned one’s orbit around. 

For women, chest tattoos are often associated with love or perhaps something romantic. Moreover, it could also be something personal. But, mostly, it relates to love, either love for oneself or others. 

Thigh Tattoos Meaning

Thigh tattoos bear sentimental values that hoist a more mysterious meaning. Thigh tattoos are often hidden and only exposed when the person wants to. Thigh tattoos are sensual and almost sexual even. Thus, the placement attracts sexual allure or exhibits the sensual side of things. 

Wrists Tattoos Meaning

The wrists represent pain because it is considered to be one of the most hard-working external body parts. The wrists have the power to execute self-harm or expose one’s emotional pain. On the other hand”, the wrists are enveloped with sensitive nerves, thus, wrist tattoos are too painful.  

There are special cases where people use tattoos to hide scars. A scar left by a failed suicide of which bears a heavy emotion. Others make it a testimony of their life’s adversities. Whilst, others prefer it after overcoming the whirlwinds of depression.  

On a brighter note, the wrists are the subjects for cute tiny tattoos. The female population chooses the area to uphold their feminine style. 

Arms Tattoos Meaning

a chef plating with arm tattoos

Arm tattoo meanings vary due to their versatility. The arm can accommodate both large and small pieces. Tiny tattoos on the upper arm exhibit a wild personality but with caution. A half-sleeve tattoo bears creativity but, however, is balanced to accommodate their line of work.

People with full-sleeve tattoos live by their own rules. They could care less about being judged, and in a general sense, arm tattoos hoist confidence. 

Feet/Ankle Tattoos Meanings

Feet or ankle tattoos are for introverts or pretty much someone with a mysterious personality. Feet or ankle tattoos aren’t easily exposed or spotted thus, it doesn’t crave attention, but rather, it carries a more personal context. 

Additionally, feet or ankle tattoo designs are often associated with death. A design or an object to commemorate an end of life or experience of the person. Hence, the ankles are perfect for a tattoo that bears a bittersweet meaning.  

Calve Tattoos Meaning

Calve tattoos are common to athletic guys, kind of a tag for the sporty types. Be it, runners, tennis players, or gym junkies, calve tattoos can be easily shown off. Moreover, calve tattoos give a lot of room for large pieces, making them an ideal spot for a customized design. 

Finger Tattoos Meaning

People with finger tattoos bear a bold personality. They are the kind of people who live by their own rules. Additionally, they are also capable of dodging negative criticisms, as well as best in following radical choices, both in the personal and professional sense. 

Finger tattoos expose someone who is straightforward. A “what you see is what you get” kind of a character. However, given the limited space and creativity you can do with finger tattoos, each blot of ink counts. Although the fingers may only accommodate a small tattoo, however, it carries a thousand words.

Ribcage Tattoos Meaning

The ribcage is another painful space to get tattoos. It is only for the one with high pain tolerance and the strongest mental endurance. The ribcage is enveloped in thin sensitive skin, hence, it radiates one’s bravery to withstand long hours of excruciating pain. Metaphorically speaking, it can pertain to someone’s resistance to hardships. 

Tattoos can mean different to different people. It is in the eye of the beholder. However, what good do others’ opinions do anyway? Skin art is also fine art, either way, it is something that one has to decide for himself. 

a dj on-set with arm tattoos

What Tattoos Say About a Person – The Final Word

What people say about your tattoo does not reflect you, but rather, it reflects their own point of view. One can criticize you for having it, but it always has something to do about them. Maybe they’re too scared of regrets, while some probably have problems committing to just one design. Thus, they opt for temporary tattoos. Moreover, what hinders others to get tattoos is the pain. Some can’t take the pain that comes with the art of tattooing.

However, at the end of the day, it is not your responsibility to impress those who don’t share the same perspective as you.

Everyone may be entitled to their opinions, but you are entitled to your own decisions.

Happy Tattooing!