How Much Do Ankle Tattoos Hurt? Are You Feeling Strong?

All kinds of tattoos hurt. The only difference is the level of pain. The ankle is close to the bone, It has thinner skin and is wrapped with heightened sensitivity than many other ares. So, how much do ankle tattoos hurt? It’s much more painful than getting tattoos on your arm, for instance.

From a brighter perspective, ankle tattoos ache more, but briefly. Only tiny tattoos are fitting for the ankles. Small tattoos generally take less than an hour to finish. However, it depends on the intricacy of the design. 

Ankle Tattoos Pain Levels

How Much Do Inner Ankle Tattoos Hurt? 

The inner ankle is the fleshiest. It is less sensitive in contrast to other sides of the ankle. Therefore, inner ankle tattoos is the least painful area on the ankle.

How Much Do Outer Ankle Tattoos Hurt?

The outer part of the ankle lies closer to the bones. The skin around it is more sensitive. Thus, it is prone to discomfort. 

How Much Do Back of Ankle Tattoo Hurt?

The back of the ankle is a safe place for tattoos. It is not prone to fading and hurts significantly less. The back of the ankle tattoo is best for getting matching or symmetrical tattoos on both feet. 

How Much Do Front Ankle Tattoo Hurt?

The front ankle is wrapped with sensitivity. Getting tattoos on your front ankle will hurt more than the back ankle. Moreover, it is more striking than other parts of the ankle. Although it gives you more room for bigger pieces, enduring the pain can be more agonizing. 

How Much Do Above Ankle Tattoo Hurt?

The above ankle tattoo is located between the lower calf and upper ankle. The tattoo that clings near the ankle is painful. Whilst, the upper part hurt less. The above ankle tattoo can be an optimal canvas for medium pieces. 

How Much Do Around the Ankle Tattoo Hurt?

The pain in getting around the ankle tattoo varies. It is because every side of the ankle pain level also varies. The most common ankle tattoo designs are anklets. Wrapping around the ankle with some tribal patterns or flowing ornaments are the most typical designs. 

The nerve endings around the ankle are sensitive. Thus it is considered one of the most painful body parts to tattoo. Although pain levels can differ from person to person, generally, ankle tattoos hurt.

How Much Do Ankle Tattoos Hurt

Why Do Ankle Tattoos Hurt?

Penetrating the needle through areas with minimal to no fat hurts. Additionally, etching ink pigments on thin skin also hurts. It is an essential part of the art of tattooing. Wrapping it up with delicate nerve endings, expect that ankle tattoos will hurt. 

Why Get Ankle Tattoos Despite the Pain?

  • Ankle tattoos are limited to small designs. Thus, it takes less time of enduring the pain.
  • Endorphins automatically kick in after a few minutes. So, the area will numb a bit. 
  • Ankle tattoos are discreet
  • They are generally well priced. 

What You Should Consider When Getting an Ankle Tattoo?

Ankle tattoos have quite some setbacks. The ankles are not a stationary body part. It moves as your feet move. The ankles are obviously also near the feet. That being said, they are prone to friction from your shoes or pants. So, your tattoo is likely to get rubbed on while walking, running, etc. 

  • What to Wear During and After Getting Ankle Tattoos?

When getting ankle tattoos, it is suitable not to wear boots or shoes. Ideally, flip-flops will make it easier for your and the artist. Also, wearing tight jeans can hinder the tattoo process. As well as after. Tight jeans can produce friction against your new tattoo. It can compromise the quality of the skin art when it’s healed. 

  • What To Expect During the Healing Process of Ankle Tattoos?

The healing process is equally crucial. An ankle tattoo that isn’t fully healed yet is still subject to fading. Wearing shoes with socks while your ankle tattoo is still fresh can interrupt the healing process. It may take longer than usual. 

a person with skateboard trucks ankle tattoo

Do Ankle Tattoos Fade Quickly?

Ankle tattoos are not going to fade if they healed the right way. Avoiding constant contact with your shoes and clothing can prevent ankle tattoos from fading. Moreover, ankle tattoos fade quicker due to the thin skin that envelopes the bones. 

Why Do Ankle Tattoos Wear Off Faster?

Potentially, let’s look at some key points.

  • The ankle area is prone to friction, contact, and sweat. 
  • Ankle tattoos done with light and thin fine lines are bound to fade faster. 
  • The ink quality used was poor and wasn’t penetrated well into the skin.
  • Exposing the ankle tattoo to direct sunlight can cause it to fade. 
  • The skin around the ankle is thin. Thus the ink pigments dwell almost at the surface.

How Long Do Ankle Tattoos Take To Heal?

Ankle tattoos will look healed after a week or two. However, ankle tattoos heal completely after three to five weeks. It could even take longer due to its location. 

As was previously mentioned, ankles aren’t stationary. Due to this circumstance, they garner more friction than other body parts. And friction can cause swelling. Thus the tattoo healing process takes a bit longer. Time to relax!

a colorful ankle tattoo of a poppy flower

Why Do Ankle Tattoos Swell?

Swelling is a natural occurrence for fresh tattoos. Typically, your blood accumulates in one area during and after the tattoo session. And, it is a natural reaction of the body, remember it has just got poked with a sharp object, many times in a row!

Ankle tattoos have a higher potential to swell, it’s due to their location. Ankles are based on the lowest extremities. And the gravity is bringing down the blood. Thus, it is essential to raise your ankle above your heart after getting an ankle tattoo, grab a cup of tea and watch a movie.

How To Reduce Swelling?

Swelling can cause searing pain. Some take pain killers to minimize the pain. Also, it can help with inflammation. An ice pack can also aid in numbing the ankle area. But make sure not to directly apply ice packs onto the tattoo. 

Some swelling is typical. Some, however, are worse. If the swelling persists, it is best to have it checked by your tattoo artist. The tattoo artist can help you assess the severity of your swelling. Thus, you will know whether you need medical help or to continue your tattoo aftercare routine. 

How To Reduce Ankle Tattoo Pain?

Some can endure the pain of tattooing. Others have low pain tolerance which makes it more painful for them. On a brighter note, our body can instantly acclimatize to the pain. By producing endorphins, the tattooing process will be less painful after a few minutes. 

a woman in boots with a tattoo of a silhouette of a mountain on her ankle

If dealing with the pain is not your forte, here are preparations you can do before the tattoo session.

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Make sure you are hydrated.
  • Eat a good meal before the session. 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to the schedule. 
  • Don’t take any blood-thinning medicine before the session. 
  • A tattoo numbing cream might help. 

Ankle Tattoo Aftercare

The appropriate aftercare is crucial. Especially for ankle tattoos that are prone to friction. Since the ankles are surrounded by sensitive nerves, extra care is necessary. To help you reduce the pain and heal your ankle tattoo faster, here are some tips:

  • Raise your ankle or leg whenever you can. It can minimize the swelling. Doing so can make the tenderness of the skin disappear in a matter of a couple of days. 
  • Avoid friction as much as possible Thus, wearing socks and closed-tight shoes is not an option. 
  • The ankle is close to the ground. Thus, dirt can reach it conveniently. Hence, it is crucial to keep it clean at all times. 
a date ankle tattoo design

Ankle Tattoos Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Walk After Getting an Ankle Tattoo?

You can walk after getting an ankle tattoo. But it is not going to be a breeze. It will be uncomfortable walking after a day or two. It is best to minimize the motion to speed up the recovery process. 

Are Ankle Tattoos Unprofessional?

Ankle tattoos can be discreet. Given that you can only get a small to medium-sized tattoo, concealing it will be easy. You can easily cover ankle tattoos by wearing pants or boots to work. 

Do Ankle Tattoos Age Well?

Ankle tattoos are bound to fade. It is due to the frequent friction of wearing socks and shoes over it. Not to mention the constant rubbing when you are walking or running and sun exposure, especially during summer.

a guy with bold ankle tattoos

How Do Ankle Tattoos Last? – The Final Word

The longevity of your ankle tattoo depends on your aftercare method. Also, the skills of your artist can impact the quality of your tattoo as it ages. The location around your ankle also contributes. If you placed your ankle tattoo around areas where it gets close contact with socks and shoes, fading is bound to happen. 

Ankle tattoos are ideal for tiny tattoo designs. Ideally, bold designs are recommended so it doesn’t fade faster. Ankle tattoos are easy to hide yet hiding them has disadvantages. Shoes and socks cause friction. Thus, it is possible for your ankle tattoo to not age well unless they are a little higher up.

Moreover, ankle tattoos are quite painful. The thin skin and sensitive nerves around it greatly contribute to such pain. On a brighter note, since it is a small area, it is limited to small pieces. Thus, the tattoo session will be a breeze.