101 Tiny Tattoos to Inspire and Excite You!

Tiny tattoos are intimate, they’re personal, delicate, and subtle.

A tiny tattoo is a small gesture on the skin, that can mean so much, they’re perfect on their own or as part of a collection.

We have curated an incredible selection of tiny tattoos by the talented Victoria Love aka “The Tiny Tattoo Queen“.

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Furthermore, the intricacy of every detail is what makes her tattoos charming and that’s what tiny tattoos are all about.

We hope you enjoy beautiful collection.

Table of Contents

1 – Dad Lettering Tiny Tattoo

dad font tattoo design for women

Dad lettering tattoos are meant to be special. The freehand appeal of every letter shows off an intimate bond between a father and his child. Getting this style of tattoo in your own or even better, your dad’s handwriting is truly special.

2 – Bible Verse Fine Line Tattoo

bible verse arm tattoo design

A handwritten style for a bible verse tattoo is simply ideal for religious folk. Your favorite verse written in spontaneous script exhibits a tender love and free-flowing faith. A perfect subtle way to showcase something that resonates with you.

3 – Fine Line Tiny Ornamental Tattoo

fine line floral leg tattoo for women

Flowers symbolize femininity. A floral tattoo design created with a defined line blended with intricate dots flaunts a female’s love for delicacy. Some people have a beautiful design, others get a date, this tattoo has both and is delicate and meaningful.

4 – Constellation Tiny Tattoos

dotwork libra constellation leg tattoo design for girls

What about showcasing your star sign, your zodiac symbol? This stunning fine Libra tattoo is nicely subtle. To the other star signs, this tattoo is but a symbol, to the Libra this is HER. Her power, her identity, and something she relates to.

5 – Lines, Shapes & Dash’s Tiny Tattoos

dotwork small arm tattoo design for women

A little something cosmic perhaps? The blend of dots, lines, and dashes makes a stunning tiny tattoo design. This small tattoo design of the universe is elevated with the combination of three different elements. 

6 – Dotwork Bracelet Tiny Tattoos

dotwork bracelet arm tattoo for girls

Dotwork tattoos last longer than any other style. It is a perfect option for intricate tattoo designs. This dotwork bracelet is simple, defined, and subtle. Definitely a great permanent accessory for girls.

7 – Unique Dog Tiny Tattoos

unique small dog arm tattoo for women

How much do you love your furry friend? A dog tattoo decorated in lavish ornamental elements gives off an even more charming facade. A subtle piece of art that is worth a space on your skin forever, perfect for best friend tattoos.

8 – Fine Line Flower Leg Tattoo

detailed ornamental leg tattoo design for women

The contrast between carefully inked dots and free-flowing line work is eye-catching. It makes a simple wildflower tattoo design look appealing. Definitely a special symbol of femininity. 

9 – Sunburst Fine Line Tiny Arm Tattoo

fine line starburst arm tattoo ideas for girls

A small fine-line arm tattoo demands details. This sunburst design exudes the perfect example of dots and lines fusion. The varied line weights tattoo artist Victoria used makes this tiny tattoo design clear-cut. Also matching tattoos are a bond of friendship and love.

10 – Friendship Tattoos

friendship tiny tattoo idea for girls

Want something identical with your gal pals? How about your initials written in the same font in the same area? A simple collection of tiny tattoos like this may not demand attention, but it surely is something personal. Getting a small friendship tattoo with your gals will make your bond eternal.

11 – Fine Line Initials Tiny Tattoos

lettering tiny tattoo design ideas for women

A script lettering is soft and spontaneous. It sometimes almost looks like it’s done freehand. It represents a free-flowing relationship with your special someone. Tender, and candid. Signing it with a heart will add a little bit of magic like this matching tattoo.

12 – Tiny Song Title Fine Line Tattoo

lettering tattoo design idea for girls

Peace Train is a song by Yusuf / Cat Stevens. It is a song about feeling positive. A tattoo that reminds you of your life mantra. With a simple font in fine line tattoo design, this tattoo can be intriguing. Definitely a conversation starter.

13 – Script Initials Tiny Tattoo

letter small tattoo design idea for women

An initial can be quite beguiling. It sparks curiosity in those who get a sight. A script font lettering is perfect for a single-letter tattoo. Its candid lines exhibit extravagance.

14 – Finger Tiny Tattoos

line art finger tattoo design for girls

How about an astronomical tattoo? A finger tattoo that has all of your favorite cosmic elements. The stars, moon, and some sparkles? Girls love the vast probabilities of the universe. This finger tattoo design embodies limitless possibilities.

15 – Tiny Fine Line Symbol Ankle Tattoo

line art tattoo design idea for girls

Music has a powerful essence. A tattoo with musical symbols portrays one’s love for smooth tunes. A simple fine line tattoo on your ankle is discreet yet captivating.

16 – Free-Hand Lettering Tattoo

script lettering quote tattoo ideas for women

Words are powerful. Most especially coming from someone special. Tattoos that serve as a reminder of someone’s love written in a free-hand style make it look even more personal.

17 – Script Lettering Tiny Tattoos

free hand lettering tattoo design for women

All good things take time. A life mantra that makes sense of time. Quote tattoos rendered in your own handwriting are unique. Surely nobody else has anything like it!

18 – Dog Tiny Tattoo

dog linework tattoo idea for women

How about a line art tattoo of your furry buddy? This dog tattoo design is something for paw parents! Drizzling it with a tiny red heart gives it a little bit of edge.

19 – Tiny Pawprint Tattoo

paw print ankle tattoo design idea for girls

Sometimes paw parents get a little bit obsessive with their furry mates. One way to always be with them everywhere is to etch their paw prints on your skin. These adorable little paws will always remind you that a cute little canine is patiently waiting for you at home.

20 – Linework Tiny Nape Tattoo

nape line tattoo design for women

Nape tattoos are sexy. Nape tattoos done in fine line style are even sexier. Simple yet defined tattoos like this are overflowing with soft feminine appeal.

21 – Love Letter Fine Line Script Lettering Tattoo

love letter script lettering tattoo design for girls

Love, in the old days, is uttered through writing letters. Not many do it nowadays. If someone wrote you sweet words in their handwriting is a keeper. Perhaps even worth tattooing it on your skin. It’s one-of-a-kind and truly something special.

22 – Linework Tiny Rib Tattoo

linework rib tattoo ideas for girls

Rib tattoos exude sensuality. Line art tattoo designs like this complement women’s seductive side. Defined curvy lines paired with tiny dots give a simple tattoo with striking details.

23 – Roman Numerals Tiny Couple Tattoo

roman number tiny tattoo idea for couples

Roman numerals are a more creative yet discreet way of tattooing a special date or number.  A couple tattoo like this can be intimate. It doesn’t matter if nobody can relate to it. What does it mean to you?

24 – Self-Love Quotes Tiny Tattoo

self love quotes tattoo idea for women

Self-love mantras are something every woman lives by. These words remind them of their self-value. A piece of art of your life’s excerpts written in script exhibits a womanly aesthetic.

25 – Fineline Lettering Design Tiny Tattoo

self-love qoutes tattoo ideas for girls

It’s all about choosing the right font combination. A blend of script and uppercase letters is give off a perfect balance. It’s ideal for quote tattoos like this.

26 – Seven of Hearts Tiny Tattoos

seven of hearts tiny tattoo design for women

The Seven of Hearts can mean a lot of things. It’s personal. This Seven of Hearts card tattoo is simple. Yet, the defined elements and the use of negative spaces balance the design. Definitely not an ordinary tiny tattoo.

27 – Tiny Cross Fineline Tattoo

simple cross religious tattoo design for women

Religious tattoo symbols are opted to be plain and straightforward. A cross tattoo drawn in clean thin lines is discreet. It’s a little something one gets for private reasons. 

28 – Fine Line Tiny Floral Tattoo

simple floral tattoo design for girls

Poppy flowers symbolize life and death. The delicately drawn stems along with its exquisite petals make this simple floral tattoo appear sentimental. A perfect tattoo for remembering someone’s life and death.

29 – Tiny Flower Fine Line Tattoo

simple flower line tattoo ideas for girls

Wildflowers can withstand anything and everything. It grows and blooms even in the worst conditions. Wildflower tattoos drawn with refined thin lines with white ink highlights look ethereal. 

30 – Line Art Tiny Tattoos

simple line art tattoo design for women

Line art tattoos are very feminine. It’s overflowing with tender and spontaneous forms. Arm tattoos like this are something that is fitting for every girl in the world. It portrays the sensuous side of the female species.

31 – Small Sun Linework Tattoo

simple sun arm tattoo design for girls

The sun can mean multiple things. Some have it for embracing the cycle of life. While some choose the sun to remind them of the light and rebirth. Whatever the reason may be, a simple sun tattoo is a subtle way of putting what you are going through in symbols.

32 – Butterfly Tiny Tattoos

small butterfly arm tattoo ideas for women

Butterflies are just simply mesmerizing. A butterfly tattoo, on the other hand, could signify love, endurance, and resilience. So much wonderful meaning in such a delicate creature. This butterfly tattoo flaunts an intricate image of a symbol that bears multiple meanings. 

33 – Tiny Wings Fine Line Tattoo

small butterfly fine line tattoo for girls

Wings stand for liberty. It represents freedom. A simple wing tattoo with fine lines and exquisite shadows makes up sophisticated details. It elevates the look of a small wing tattoo.

34 – Bird Tiny Tattoos

small bird tattoo design for women

The silhouettes of birds flying exhibit a strong image of living freely and spiritually. A bird tattoo like this is powerful. It portrays a kind of path that appeals not to everyone. Rather, it is for those who have a desire for things far greater than the materialistic world.

35 – Fine Line Bird Tattoo

tiny bird fine line tattoo design for women

Birds are magnanimous creatures. They give a deeper connection between heaven and earth. Their ability to glide through gale wind and aerial currents is extraordinary. Bird tattoos beautifully formed through random lines exude spectacular art.

36 – Small Bee Fine Line Tattoo

small bee arm tattoo for women

Bees may appear menacing, but they are concrete representations of loyalty. These tiny creatures would die fending for their hive. A bee tattoo is a symbol of someone’s undying and unconditional loyalty towards someone or something. The details of this bee tattoo radiate what it truly means to be devoted.

37 – Tiny Airplane Arm Tattoo

small airplane tattoo design for girls

This one is perfect for those who always take the flight. An airplane tattoo is for travelers, jet setters, and nomads. A tiny airplane tattoo like this might be too simple, but it represents an extravagant lifestyle. 

38 – Tiny Door Fine Line Tattoo

small door tattoo design idea for girls

A door tattoo is nothing but a practical part of a house or a building at first glance. However, it rather represents someone’s wild imagination. An object that opens up creative ideas. A door tattoo may be too literal in some sense, but digging deeper uncovers artful concepts. 

39 – Tiny Diamond Arm Tattoo

small diamond tattoo design for women

A diamond tattoo shows one’s strength. One’s ability to be invincible despite life’s adversities. A plain diamond tattoo like this shows the bare architecture of a diamond that makes it indestructible.

40 – Small Cloud Shoulder Tattoo

small cloud and thunder tattoo for girls

A cloud tattoo exhibits a soft and cheerful facade. A cloud with thunder, on the other hand, represents balance in life. It’s not red-letter day every day. Everyone needs some thunder to reveal a brighter light hiding behind dark clouds.

41 – Tiny Fine Line Half Moon Tattoo

small half moon tattoo for women

A half-moon is a mystical symbol. Splashing it with some earthly ornaments and dazzling sparkles creates a strong sense of femininity. The half-moon tattoo may represent fertility. Some embrace its dreamy appeal and others hold on to it for balance. 

42 – Hand and Paw Fine Line Tattoo

small hand tattoo design for women

This tattoo is a modern rendition of Michelangelo’s painting The Creation of Adam. But, in this case, it’s you and your beloved fur baby. A paw parent tattoo with a touch of historical inspiration and a dash of humor. 

43 – Tiny Fine Line Anatomical Heart Tattoo

small heart tattoo design for women

An anatomical heart tattoo stands for special friendship. It is a symbol that depicts two people having a deep connection. This tattoo is ideal for you and your best gal pal. A little something that binds your ever-lasting friendship.

44 – Fine Line Anatomical Heart Tattoo

small anatomical heart tattoo design idea for girls

An anatomical heart tattoo is one thing. But a heart tattoo with growing flowers is extra special. The beautifully drawn details of the heart decorated with some ornamentals present a love that is light. A kind of love that is continuously growing. 

45 – Tiny Floral Line Art Tattoos

small line art ornamental tattoo for girls

Women are delicate creatures. Yet, ironically speaking, they are also strong and resilient. This tattoo exhibits a woman’s facade inside and out. On the outside, they seem fragile, but on the inside, women bloom.

46 – Fine Line Lotus Flower Tattoo

small lotus leg tattoo for girls

Lotus flower ascent from the murky waters clean and pure. It is a plant that can stand the cycle of darkness to light. This lotus flower tattoo stands upright. It presents a quality that radiates strength and resiliency. 

47 – Tiny Treble Clef Tattoo

small musical tattoo design for girls

A treble clef tattoo represents one’s love for music. This tattoo is a combination of music and religion. Both elements are bound by whirling lines around the treble clef. A tattoo for people who play music in churches.

48 – Tiny Fine Line Ornamental Tattoo

small ornamental tattoo design

Flowers represent all kinds of women. Every flower depicts a certain character. This flower tattoo is a wild one. It’s a kind of plant showing off a fragile veneer quality. Yet, it can combat the changing monsoons, standing tall and proud.

49 – French Phrase Lettering Tiny Tattoo

small quote tattoo design for women

“A la vie” means “that’s life”. A French phrase defining a viewpoint of accepting life as it is. The letters exude a French aesthetic. The perspective carries a French way of living.

50 – Tiny Thunder and Smiley Arm Tattoo

small smiley tattoo design for girls

Small tattoos can be fun, they can also be random. Others get it from the spur of the moment. While some collect them. These simple tattoos boast one’s fun personality.

51 – Tiny Sparkle Tattoo

small sparkle tattoo for women

A sparkle tattoo can mean one’s desire for fame. It also means reaching for the stars. Some see its essence as guidance towards one’s journey of becoming a star. A simple sparkle tattoo like this is prudent. 

52 – Tiny Teddy Bear Tattoo

small teddy bear tattoo idea for women

Teddy bear tattoos are a remembrance of childhood memories. A sign of comfort, safety, and familiarity. The simplicity of this tiny tattoo makes it striking. Despite the absence of colors and shades, the little details turn it into something monumental.

53 – Tiny Fine Line Unicorn Tattoo

small unicorn tattoo design for girls

Unicorns are magical creatures. They are the subjects of most child’s figments of imagination. A unicorn tattoo farting rainbows exhibits a fun magical personality. It is a tattoo for those who are fascinated with otherworldly creatures.

54 – Tiny Wave Line Foot Tattoo

small wave line tattoo design for women

A wave tattoo symbolizes life’s constant motion. Perhaps, to some, it is because they love to ride waves on their surfboards. This symbol radiates a dynamic life. A life that is consistently flowing with the current.

55 – Tiny Whale Arm Tattoos

small whale tattoo design for girls

Whales are mysterious creatures of the ocean. They always carry positive energies every time they surface. This tattoo is extra special. A whale swimming around the vast universe makes it even more enchanting. The fine lines and intricate details of this tattoo are oozing with a wild imagination.

56 – Tiny Fine Line Wing Tattoo

small fine line wing tattoo for women

The swan wing tattoo is elegant. Calm, poise, beauty, and grace are a few of the traits it represents. This tiny swan tattoo is radiating a sophisticated facade. The abstract image of it makes it quite intriguing.

57 – Tiny Acorn Arm Tattoo

small acorn arm tattoo design for girls

In Celtic and Nordic cultures, the acorn represents immortality and fertility. In a generic sense, however, acorn tattoos mean strength and potential. The linework and dotwork in this tattoo made such a simple tattoo very appealing. 

58 – All-Seeing-Eye Fine Line Tattoos

small all-seeing-eye line art tattoo for women

The all-seeing-eye tattoo depicts the omnipresent eye of God watching over humankind.  It is a religious tattoo that emanates a sense of security. The well-defined linework combined with dots creates a unique illustration.

59 – Tiny Book Arm Tattoo

small book arm tattoo for girls

A book provides knowledge. It represents wisdom. A constant want for learning. A book tattoo exhibits one’s love for education and intelligence. This tiny open-book tattoo has a voguish edge. While most book tattoos are closed or stacked up. This one appears as if someone is flipping the pages. 

60 – Tiny Cartoon Fine Line Arm Tattoo

small cartoon tattoo design for girls

Artwork tattoo pieces need not be big. It can also be humorous and small. Tiny tattoos demand a personal connection. For this one, this cartoon image was created by her husband. A little something that only both of them know the meaning of.

61 – Bird Fine Tiny Tattoos

tiny bird line art tattoo for women

There’s no limit as to what design you want. Some tattoos are plain and simple. Some are even strangely weird and confusing. Regardless, tiny tattoos are a private thing. Be it a bird that looks like a chicken. As long as it means something to you, go for it!

62 – Colorful Butterfly Tiny Tattoos

small colorful butterfly tattoo design for girls

Butterflies symbolize beauty. A kind of beauty in their rarest form. A butterfly tattoo rendered in orange hues looks trendy. It makes tiny tattoos stand out. The fine points and carefully drawn lines create a defined, clean, yet edgy appeal.

63 – Tiny Dinosaur Arm Tattoo

tiny dinosaur tattoo design

This cute little cartoon dinosaur breathing fire is simply adorable. Behind such cuteness, however, is strength and strong resistance to harm. Dinosaurs are ancient creatures. They may not be present now. But they left behind vigorous inspiration to earn the strength to fight struggles.

64 – Beautiful Flower Ear Tiny Tattoo

small behind the ear tattoo design ideas for women

Behind-the-ear tattoos are subtle but sexy. It compliments a woman’s body. A set of flowers beautifully painted in black and gray exudes elegance.

65 – Tiny Elephant Ankle Tattoo

small elephant fine line tattoo for girls

Elephants are mystical creatures. They are sacred to other cultures. Their gigantic appearance hides a soft and kind quality. Elephant tattoos mean prosperity. Others have it for gaining power and strength, but this one is a baby elephant. It brings good luck. 

66 – Tiny Eye Foot Tattoo

small eye tattoo idea for girls

The eye is the window to one’s soul. A famous saying that explains how we are influenced by what we feed our sight. An eye tattoo means clarity. The well-drawn lines and dots make this eye tattoo looming.

67 – Tiny Fire Arm Tattoo

small fire tattoo design for girls

A fire tattoo represents various meanings. It has stood for the sake of life. But it also has the ability to bring destruction. On the other hand, it could also mean creativity and remembrance. With such diverse representations, whatever ignites your fire, be it your own meaning.

68 – Poppy Flower Tiny Tattoo

tiny floral fine line tattoo

Poppies can grow in icy cold tundras. They can also thrive in burning deserts. These wildflowers are adaptable. They are carefree and independent. A poppy tattoo exhibits a beautiful independent woman. A woman who is the master of her own destiny.

69 – Tiny Fine Line Flower Tattoo

small floral arm tattoo design for women

Flower tattoos radiate femininity. It portrays the tender side of women. Flower tattoos express elegance, grace, and beauty. Truly a perfect depiction of all women in the world. 

70 – Tiny Flower Vase Fine Line Tattoo

small flower vase tattoo design for women

Rustic aesthetics have become a trend. Plaids, round glasses, and flowers on recycled jars exhibit a rustic image. A unique tattoo like this is one-of-a-kind. Perhaps, this tiny tattoo is a photograph of flowers on an empty dairy jar. And probably sitting on someone’s countertop.

71 – Tiny Wild Flower Arm Tattoo

small flower line tiny tattoo idea for girls

Wildflower tiny tattoos symbolize joy. This stunning tiny tattoo exhibits a fine line work of art. It may be too small, but it sure does bring true joy.

72 – Fine Line Flower Rib Tattoo

tiny flower rib tattoo for girls

The way this flower in full bloom was tattooed is exceptional. The intricacy of every detail makes the whole design uncanny. The varied line weights, the dotted shadings, and the flower details make up something incomparable. 

73 – Sisters Tiny Tattoos

small sisters tattoo idea for girls

How fun would it be getting tattoos with your sisters? A small tattoo like this expresses how sisters can be best friends at the same time. A personalized tattoo will make it even more meaningful.

74 – Line Art Horse Tiny Tattoos

small horse line art tiny tattoos for women

Horse tattoos symbolize freedom and strength. The two notable qualities of such majestic creatures. A horse tattoo drawn in free-flowing line art creates a spontaneous image. It is not just an ordinary horse tattoo, It is art.

75 – Tiny Koi Tiny Tattoos

small koi design tattoo for girls

Koi tattoos are a popular traditional Japanese art of tattooing. These imperial creatures portray one’s strength in overcoming struggles. Koi fishes can easily adapt to climate changes. It can withstand the test of the ever-changing monsoon. 

76 – Tiny Cat Line Art Arm Tattoo

small line art cat tattoo for women

Cat tattoos are popular because of their elegant facade. Cats represent resilience. It can also mean a connection to the afterlife. The way the lines appear so instinctively drawn depicts how cats value their freedom and spontaneity.

77 – Face Art Fine Line Tiny Tattoos

small line art tiny tattoo design for girls

Line art projects a timeless aesthetic. The simplicity of this tattoo is what makes it astonishing. The lines are perfectly balanced and consistent. Definitely an eye-catching skin art. 

78 – Mountain Tiny Tattoos

tiny mountain fine line tattoo for women

The mountain is perhaps the most ideal representation of strength. They have been around longer than most living creatures. It has been through all sorts of earthly phenomena. A mountain tattoo is for those who dare to live a life on the edge. With an added splash of sparkles, this tattoo is oozing with magic.

79 – Musical Note Friendship Tiny Tattoos

small musical note friendship tiny  tattoos for girl friends

If you and your gal pal love to jam, a musical note tattoo will bind you two forever. Such a tattoo simply projects one’s love for music. And music is something that is shared. A perfect tattoo for friends who made a strong connection through music. 

80 – Flower Tiny Tattoos

small ornamental tiny tattoos for women

A flower tattoo on the ankle is quite charming. This wildflower tattoo expresses a kind of a woman who is strong. Just like all wildflowers, they bloom even in the most difficult situations.

81 – Fine Line Ornamental Rib Tattoo

small ornamental rib tattoo for women

A flower bud tattoo represents rebirth. It also expresses one’s desire for growth. Such a flower bud tattoo enveloped in long elegant waves of its leaves appears natural. It shows off a body part of a woman in an elegant way.

82 – Tiny Puppy Line Art Tattoo

small puppy tattoo design for women

Pets give so much happiness to their paw parents. They are the most loyal creature. Dogs give unconditional love to their owners. To forever remember a pet is to etch their cute little faces on your skin. This one is simply adorable!

83 – Ramen Bowl Tiny Tattoos

small ramen bowl tiny tattoos design for girls

A ramen bowl tattoo might be too random. But the paw print on the bowl makes it even more arbitrary. A ramen bowl may not depict such deep meaning. But it sure expresses one’s love for good food.

84 – Tiny Robot Arm Tattoo

small robot tattoo design for women

The details in this robot tattoo are uncanny. The image of the broken arm, the flower, and the moon look as if it came out of a storybook. A robot tattoo represents someone who built a unique character.

85 – Tiny Rocket Leg Tattoo

small rocket tattoo design for girls

A rocket tattoo is for those who dare to explore the unknown. It is an exciting way of putting your desire to probe the unfamiliar. The world is our playground. The best way to know it is to delve into its mysteries. A rocket tattoo like this portrays fun and dreamy appeal.

86 – Tiny Rose Line Art Tattoo

small rose line art tattoo design ideas

87 – Rose Tiny Tattoos

small rose tiny tattoos

Roses are one of the most popular flower tattoos. It means beauty. Also, it depicts a love lost or a love won. The fine lines and details of this line art tattoo exhibit emotional balance.

88 – Tiny Sailboat Fine Line Tattoo

small sailboat tattoo design for women

A sailboat tattoo exhibits one’s ability to navigate. It represents one’s skill in finding the way home. It also projects an adventurous spirit. Someone who finds the unpredictability of the seas stimulating.

89 – Script Lettering Fine Line Tattoo

small script writing tattoo for women

Memento mori is a Latin reminder of death. A saying that lays out the truth about death. It’s for those who embrace the idea of dying. With such a powerful concept, it’s only ideal to write it in script fonts. A raw font, to represent one’s raw death. 

90 – Tiny Swan Line Art Ear Tattoo

small swan line tattoo design

Swans are fancy creatures. They move with poise and grace. They are a perfect representation of women who appreciates the finer things in life. A line art swan tattoos exhibit an even more exquisite appeal.

91 – Tiny Date Fine Line Tattoo

small arm tattoo idea for girls

Tiny tattoos are ideal for a special memoir. Perhaps a day, a month, or a year that turned your orbit around. A date tattoo is straightforward. Yet, the meaning behind can be more than just a series of numbers.

92 – Tiny Whale Fine Line Tattoo

Small whale tattoo design

Whale tattoos bring good luck. This gigantic creature has a free-spirited heart. It is, by nature an adventurous sea animal who loves to put on a show when surfacing.

93 – Tiny XO Lettering Arm Tattoo

small xo lettering tattoo design for girls

A xo tattoo represents one’s love for another. This little tattoo is oozing with affection. The font is the actual handwriting of someone who wrote the letter. A little something personalized.

94 – Tiny 2D Heart Fine Line Tattoo

small 2D heart tattoo idea for girls

Hearts and sparkles are no doubt a girl’s thing. The 2D effect of this tattoo highlights the fine lines of the skin art. A heart and sparkle tattoo portrays a female’s desire for love and magic.

95 – Tiny Religious Cross Arm Tattoo

small cross arm tattoo idea for women

A religious tattoo depicts a person’s faith. It is a concrete symbol of devotion to religion. This isn’t just an ordinary cross tattoo. It is decorated with vines that represent progress, endurance, and promise.

96 – Tiny Dove Fine Line Arm Tattoo

small dove fine line tattoo

Doves are often seen as a sign of peace. It also symbolizes piety. The detailed quality of this dove tattoo creates a definitive appeal. It is simple, yet shows off a dove about to glide through the erratic wind.

97 – Tiny Flower Fine Line Tattoo

small flower arm tattoo for girls

Flowers become even more attractive to a girl’s skin. Flowers are symbols of females with tender hearts. The playful details of this tattoo radiate a girl’s vibrant quality.

98 – Tiny Half Moon Fine Line Tattoo

small half moon chest tattoo

A half-moon tattoo is an astronomical element that symbolizes mystery. It is a popular sign used to represent mystic beliefs. A simple fine line tattoo like this is full of otherworldly magic. 

99 – Tiny BFF Fine Line Tiny Tattoos

small heart best friends tattoo

A friend that ignites the fire in your heart is special. It deserves a place in your heart. And on your skin. While one simply has a calm heart. The other has a burning one. A concrete example of a balanced friendship.

100 – Tiny Horse Shoe Fine Line Tattoo

small horse shoe tattoo for women

Horseshoe tattoos bring in good luck. It also brings fortune and success. Horseshoe tattoos are perfect for those who love horses. Both represent similar meanings. The fine lines and refined dots in this tattoo create an eye-catching image.

101 – Tiny Snake Fine Line Arm Tattoo

small snake arm tattoo

Snakes carry a menacing association. However, in the world of tattoos, it bears the cyclical nature of the universe. Snake tattoos also represent the ever-changing seasons of the planet. Whilst some see it as a sign of transformation.

Victoria Love has magical hands for tiny tattoos. Her techniques are outright well-defined and she knows how to create tattoos that compliment the body of women.

Make sure you follow her on Instagram and check out her website to find out more about her training.