Arianne Clément Captures Lovely Portraits of The Elderly

Who Is Arianne Clément?

Québec based photographer Arianne Clément is an Internationally Acclaimed Photographer, photography teacher as well as founder of “The Art of Aging Project” and the “How to Live to 100 Project”.

After earning a master’s degree in photography from the University of Arts in London, Arianne now devotes her work to photography of the elderly.

portraits of two elderly kissing in black and white photo

What Does She Create?

Arianne creates incredible black and white photography of elderly men and women and also the interaction between them. Her photography is just like beautiful visual poetry. With the assistance of her camera, she makes the invisible visible and showcases beauty, expression, and emotion.

Faithful to the aesthetics of black and white photography, almost all of Arianne Clément’s photos are taken with natural lighting and in a natural setting. She travels to homes, seniors’ residences, and nearly any other location to create the perfect pic.

 All of this aside, she has extensive experience in most photographic genres and has been featured in major publications and prestigious journals worldwide.

Besides shooting the elderly, couples, and families, she “focuses her lens” on news, social, political, and environmental issues.

elderly couple photgraphed in black and white

Why Does She Create?

Her most recurrent themes are the forgotten ones, the excluded, and the marginalized, and she uses her camera to take attention to these invisible groups of society.

Arianne uses her artistic eye to support and contribute to specific projects and campaigns not just to fulfill her social responsibility. She sincerely devotes herself to the cause at hand.

Her celebrated portraits of seniors have been exhibited nationally and internationally and won her several prizes, grants, and honors. These prizes have particularly underlined the sensitivity, connection, and expression that she captures in each photograph.

an elderly woman having fun in black and white photo


Take a look at her thought-provoking portraits of the elderly below.

an elderly woman with birthday hat
beautiful photograph of an old woman in black and white
an old couple teasing each other in black and white photo
a black and white photo of an elderly woman with her daughter
a dramatic image of an elderly man in black and white photo
a black and white picture of an old couple kissing
an elderly dancing her white dress in black and white photo
an image of an elderly with her grandchild captured in black and white
a beautiful portrait of an old woman in black and white photo


You can see more of Arianne’s incredible work on her Instagram and Website.