23 Rainbow Tattoo Design Examples for Pride Month and Beyond

Rainbows appear as perfect arcs, often during a rainstorm when the sun shines onto water droplets, shattering its white light into an array of beautiful colours. They are a symbol of hope in many cultures. If you are going through a difficult period in your life, they remind you to stay positive, as those challenges are ending soon, and you are entering a new phase, a new cycle in your life, where the sun shines brightly. It is also an international symbol for LGBTQ pride and used as their flag which can be seen flying proudly all around the world. With all the meanings that rainbows carry, they make perfect tattoo patterns. You can either have a rainbow tattooed on your body, or together with the artist, you can create a unique design using the spectrum of the colors. Minimalist style is very popular for this pattern as you can see many people that have tiny little rainbows inked on their wrist, but you can still go for a larger design combining your rainbow with some clouds and other designs. Having your rainbow as six dots is another cool idea that you’ll never regret to get inked. Never wait to see our rainbow tattoo examples below and get an appointment from your tattoo artist to have this lovely pattern inked on your body.

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