What are the Types of Bob Haircuts?

All women can wear medium length hair. Because in fact, there is always a bob hairstyle that goes with every face shape. It is not without reason that Bob has been the trendy cut par excellence for decades. It is also suitable for all hair structures. Discover bob cut hairstyles at hadviser.com.

And there are bob haircuts that go to each face shape

Сlassic bob
For a classic bob, the hair is cut at the chin and is not degraded. The underparts are a little shorter so that the top hair falls inward with volume.

Long bob
With a long bob, the front hair goes up to the shoulders. The locks are a little shorter on the nape of the neck. The cut stretches round faces, but it also flatters the heart-shaped and oval contours. This hairstyle is worn with all hair thicknesses.

Short bob
A short bob just stops at the ears and is harmonious with thin faces, because it shortens optically. Slightlydegraded, it gives volume to fine hair. Thick hair will fall back well if you wear hair with no gradation and with oblique sides.

Credit: Alina Vilchenko

Bob with bangs
Bobs with bangs camouflage a high forehead and go well with women with an oval or rather a narrow face. The rule: hairstyles with bangs are the most beautiful effect with normal and thick hair.

Degraded bob
Discreet gradations give fine hair more structure, the locks appear swollen and style better. Associated with an asymmetrical bang, the cut stretches the face and refines the round cheeks. And it is also worth noting that for each type of hair you can choose such a hairstyle.

Bob hairstyles for fine hair
Want volume hair? A refined cut will help get more volume. The chin bob cut fits you particularly well. It is better to wear it with a central stripe and slightly degraded tips. Thus, your hair will fall loosely and with more volume.

Bob hairstyles for curly hair
Mother Nature has spoiled you with curls? Awesome! The curly hair styled in Bob is superb. Long Bob or chin – you can wear anything. Or using the curling iron, make yourself a very trendy Bob “undone” hairstyle in a few simple gestures.

Bob hairstyles for thick hair
If your hair is thick and robust, opt for a gradient bob. Ideal with a Clavicut: the hair stops at the collarbone and the cut is flattering whatever the shape of the face. This bob model is the perfect worn smooth, messy or curly. No limits to your imagination!

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