Five Unique Ways to Save Money on Seasonal Decorating

When it comes to decorating your home, nothing freshens up your decor like matching the current or upcoming season. New decor can breathe life into your home, adding a touch of whimsy and a lot of style. Unfortunately, new decor can also add a hole to your pocket book. It can be tough to keep up with the changing seasons and what is in style without breaking the bank, but here are a few tips to update your decor with as little pain to your wallet as possible.

Bring the outdoors in

The changing seasons mean a change in the landscape of your own backyard or local park. Take a walk and see if you can find anything to add to your decor. Thin branches or grass can look stunning in a tall vase, and a pile of pinecones can be turned into a beautiful centerpiece. If you have a garden, snip a few flowers to bring indoors, or even bring an outdoors plant in by re-potting it. The possibilities here are endless, and mostly free!

Shop end of season sales for next year

It can be hard to plan a year in advance, but when the end of season sales hit make sure you’re ready to snap up deals. Try to pick items that have multiple uses and are versatile. Some items labeled as “seasonal” can actually be used for many different seasons. Items such as light strings can be used for decorating year round, and getting them on sale is a win for your wallet!

Shop with apps to get money back

Use apps like Ibotta to help your bottom line when you need to pay full price for items. Let’s face it, sometimes the perfect decor is calling your name and you just have to have it whether it’s on sale or not. These apps can help you keep some of your hard-earned money and make those big purchases a little less painful.

Add elements to make multi-purpose decorations

Many decor items can be used year round by simply changing a few key points. A beautiful vase can be used year round by simply changing the flowers or items in it. These interchangeable decorations can be quickly updated to go along with several seasons, which not only saves you money but saves you time as well.

Turn recycled items into home decor

Before you toss out an unused teacup or a torn-up music book, check out this list of upcycled decor to see if you can use them in your home decorations. If you don’t actually have any of these items on hand, check out a garage sale or your local thrift store to see if they have anything that can become a beautiful part of your decor with just a little TLC.


Decorating along with the season doesn’t have to be expensive. With forethought and just a little bit of time, there are plenty of ways to save money and still have a house that is fashionable and ready for the upcoming season.

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