Short Braided Bob Ideas

Nothing can be better than a new, dope version of a timeless bob hairstyle! Bob braids are both elegant and edgy, plus they’re always in fashion.

A short braided bob is a win-win option for girls who are looking for ultra-chic protective hairstyles. This hairstyle suits all face shapes, and it adds special charm to your look.

Do you want to make a statement? Do you want to wear a versatile and flattering hairstyle? Do you want to have a low-maintenance ‘do? Then a short braided bob is a perfect option! Don’t hesitate and check out these chic and offbeat short braided bob ideas.

This hairstyle is a great combination of conservatism and modern. It is perfect for self-confident girls!

1. Short Braided Bob

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A braided bob will never go out of style. Wear short braids without any accessories and add a zest to your look with a hat or a cap! Simplicity is always great.

Edgy Bob

Be in the spotlight with this gorgeous bob. If you choose a protective hairstyle, go for blonde braids and decorate them with the cuffs. Do you want to look even sexier? A bright makeup and piercing will help you.

Cute Bob

A short braided bob always looks cute and feminine. This easy and stylish hairstyle features sleek braids. Comb braids to one side to create volume and add playfulness.

Stylish Bob

A trendy bob with cuffs is a win-win option for fashionistas. Create a side part, wear bold glasses, and with this harmonious look, you will turn heads!

Chic Braided Bob
Embrace your natural hair texture and have your short bob braided into small plaits. A clear parting will make the hairstyle look classy. Complement the look with bold accessories and rock the world!

Pixie Braids Bob
Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean that you can’t wear stylish braids. Here are some pixie braids bob ideas for your inspiration.

Gorgeous ‘Do

A natural look is always in fashion. Add a braid of a blonde color to your pixie braids bob. With this hairstyle, you will look feminine.

Colorful Pixie Braids Bob
This is a perfect hairstyle for statement makers! It is a unique hairstyle that suits the fun season of summer.
If you want, you can add various bright colors to make the hairdo even more exceptional.

Blonde Bangs
Only self-confident women choose a pixie hairstyle! It looks rebellious and sexy! If you want to add a zest to your pixie braids bob, have your bangs bleached. This contrast will look very appealing.

Short Braids
Short hair don’t care! Nothing can be better than short, tiny braids. This ‘do will draw attention to your facial features and flatter your face shape. For a bolder look, combine it with an undercut.

Beautiful Pixie with a Side Part
This sophisticated hairdo looks absolutely fantastic! Have your hair on the sides braided, allowing your long forelock frame your face. A side part will make the hairdo look polished.

Micro Bob Braids
Micro bob braids are easy to style, they are universal, flattering, and extraordinary. Check out these micro bob braids ideas.

Purple Braids

Bright colors always flatter the complexion of African-American women. In this case, a purple braided bob looks awesome! This purple color gives these thin braids a trendy and edgy vibe. Therefore, this ‘do is suitable for any occasion.

Angled Bob
Are you looking for a trendy combination? Micro bob braids with an undercut are what you need! Braids are swept to one side and they look volumetric. Something like this would be perfect for everyday life or a date night. With this hairstyle, you’ll look like a queen!

Purple Accents
This is an example of how colorful accents give any woman a chic and glamorous look. Micro bob braids look great and a side-swept forelock makes the look more interesting. This hairstyle will be perfect for any occasion.

Classy Bob
A braided bob is a perfect hairstyle because it gives you freedom of choice: you can choose the length, thickness, and colors of your braids. If you want to look great, then go for a classic option. These micro bob braids will emphasize your beauty, they show that you don’t need additional accessories to look amazing.

Micro Bob Braids with Bangs
If you are tired of dark shades, then make your bob shine with new colors. These braids are carefully layered for an alluring cropped style. A side-swept fringe adds playfulness and flair to the overall look.

Thus, nobody can resist this versatile, easy, and chic hairdo. Choose one of these options to make your style phenomenal!

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