Bold and Colourful Neotraditional Tattoo Designs by Holly Dixon

Talented body ink artist Holly Dixon is based in Rossendale, Lancashire, North West UK. His story as a tattoo artist started when he tattooed himself and the artists saw his drawings online and offered him a chance to try out. In time, he created his own unique style and taste for tattoos and still improves his skills and creativity as he regards this as a never-ending journey. He describes his art as nostalgic, fun and a limbo between traditional and neo traditional. He loves drawing pretty girl heads. “I love doing traditional, that’s always my preference, but I also do a lot of neo traditional, and I love really bold, colourful, traditional Japanese tattoos too! I do prefer quite muted colours. I have two racks full of colour, and I only really use around 8 of them.” he told us in our online interview with him, adding that; “The thing I love about traditional and Japanese is the longevity of them. They are designed to last and they do! The history is fascinating.” We also wondered about his inspiration for such style and design, he answered as follows; “My inspirations are lots of tattooers, Japanese woodblock, vintage movies, popular culture, things I loved as a kid.” He started his Instagram page at the beginning of his apprenticeship as an online portfolio and a way to build a client base. His feed is full of bold and colourful tattoo designs which you’ll definitely find interesting. Here you can see just some of our favourite ones, you can check his account for more.