Outstanding Realistic Sleeve Tattoo Designs by Paul-Eerik Rosenberg

Tattoo artist Paul-Eerik Rosenberg is based in Tartu, Estonia. He is specializing in realistic tattoos and both colour and black&gray. He has always been into tattoo even when he was a little kid. So when he grew older he decided to take up body art as a profession and started drawing and painting more. “I started learning at Tartoo-tattoo studio and few years later I made my own studio with my life partner Doris Vahane.” he told us in our online interview. He also stated that; “I prefer realistic style because I love how it all blends together when doing bigger projects and in my opinion it looks the best on skin.” He has always been inspired by classical art, especially portraits because it technically hard and more challenging. “And nature… Nature is big inspiration for my work.” he said. He does ink art in all shapes and on all parts of your body, but today, we selected his most outstading sleeve tattoo designs for you. Hope they inspire you for your next tattoo appointment.