Amazing Tattoo Designs In Neo-Japanese Style by Andreas Von Cotta

Andreas Von Cotta is a 44-year old Danish artist and he is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is mainly an award-winning tattoo artist but he is also a painter and illustrator. He mostly does Neo Japanese style as well as other styles. “I have been inspired by Japanese art since I was a child, and the idea of the Japanese dragon tattoo was always the most exciting for me. It was my idea of the perfect tattoo.” he told us in our online interview, adding that; “I try to be as true to the original Japanese style as I can, but I can’t escape my western upbringing with fantasy art and metal covers and comic books, and it shows in my style.” Koi fish, snakes, dragons, samurai, flowers are just some of the patterns he uses perfectly to create his unique compositions. He prefers to ink the patterns in full color. He has impressive sleeves in his feed that you must see, if you like that kind of tattoo. “Tattooing is art. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.” he captions one of his photos on Instagram. Andreas is one of the most creative tattoo artist for Neo-Japanese theme as he plays with it in a very imaginative way blending with his own taste. Now scroll down and see some of his most inspiring tattoo designs.