Imaginative Designer Blends Different Styles To Create Her Unique One

Poland based interior designer Sara is a young mother who is currently on her maternity period and gives her full attention to her son. After that period, she’ll be back to work as an interior designer. “I always wanted to be architect but my family and friends told me that I should pick up psychology for my future because they see that I can listen others. I did not finish psychology because it was not what I wanted. When my baby was born and I stay with him at home I started think again about this what I love the most and then I went to school for interior designer and since then I know what I want to do in future. I will finish school in June but just now I have got first order for interior.” she told us in our online interview with her. She has an impressive IG account through which she shares about interior design and parenting. You can find her daily stories with inspiring images on her feed. She said; “I started my account when pandemia started, I think that most people on this time was serching for contact with others, me too. Firstly I was watching IG for others’ accounts and then I wanted to have one too, and here I am for 2 years.” We also asked her about her source of inspiration and her future plans, she replied us as follows; “I am taking inspiration from IG, Pinterest and for the first from own heart. My favorite style for interiors was always scandii with boho but for now I have new love for japandi and minimalism. I hope that in future I will have many orders for interiors and My dreams will come true about being interior designer.” Below you can see some of her most inspiring designs and pieces just to give you ideas.


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