Charming Home Interior In Eclectic Style by Evie Kemp

Evie Kemp is an Auckland based creative who defines herself as a “Maximalist Mastermind, Interiors Rebel, Pattern Clasher & Colour Masher”. She has a unique eye for the maximalist and eclectic style. Her work branches across the areas of art, design, styling, interiors, fashion and lifestyle, bringing fresh and exciting ideas to life with her distinctive style and approach. She regularly works both independently, and with brands, to create something completely different – from textile design, interior design and styling, to content creation and communication and her projects are always unexpected and unforgettable. She redesigned and decorated their garage last year (You can see in the first photo) and this space has gained a fresh new identity. “Easily the best thing I did last year was turning our unused garage into a bright, fun, welcoming and safe space for the Te Whānau Rangimarie women’s refuge. I’m such a strong believer in the healing power of our environments, and that you don’t need to spend a fortune to make a home.” she captions the photo on Instagram. In her place, you can see David Bowie poster hanged on stripes and leopard print. As she explains; “It’s also so fun changing and evolving my personal style and seeing where takes me. Until not that long ago I thought i was always moving towards some end point, some “complete” style but now I know that just isn’t going to happen, things will be forever changing! Well, apart from my love of stripes and leopard print…and colour, and Bowie.” Today, we present some photos from her place just to give you ideas on extraordinary home interior designs. Hope you find Evie’s style as interesting and inspirational as we do.