Impressionism Painter Creates Incredible Art.

Who is Silver Francis?

Silver is a full-time impressionism painter based out of Tuscaloosa, AL, and Tampa, FL. She studied fine art during her childhood and explored its various themes and mediums through years of independent art education.

She entered the professional art scene in 2019 and has displayed her work in galleries and shows throughout the eastern United States and is now an internationally selling artist working out of her home studio in Tuscaloosa.

What Does She Create?

She experiments with her own impression of the natural environment with oil, pigment, and paintbrush in various themes. “I hope that my life’s work draws you into nature’s perfect contradiction, and I hope that you feel something when you get there,” she states on her website.

Adding that;

“Although I am proficient in many mediums and painting styles, individual strokes of oil on canvas have always been my preferred mode of creation.” 

When asked why she prefers oil paint, she replies as follows; “Oil paint is exceptional in its simplicity: a careful combination of fine oils and natural pigments. There is nothing quite like the smooth, glossy texture of oil paint gliding over woven fabric, and I love the idea of using such a historically significant medium to create my own modern impressions.”

Why Does She Create?

Silver says:

“Nature, in all of its serene beauty and bewitching severity, has become my lifelong muse. Its depths are full of both wisdom and innocence, creation and decay, peace and endless mystery – a perfect contradiction.”

“With oil, pigment, and paintbrush, I seek to express my own impression of the natural environment, while exploring its many themes. I hope that my life’s work draws you into nature’s perfect contradiction, and I hope that you feel something when you get there.”

The first thing you’ll notice about her portfolio is her passion for painting skulls. She’s created many of them and keeps on experimenting with them in her creations.

Silver says:

“I am often asked why I choose to paint skulls and what they mean to me. When I first discovered the Latin term Memento Mori, I was struck by the simple and eternal truth of its message. I am going to die. I am going to die, and that is beautiful. Life is more important because we are doomed, because any moment may be our last. Our mortality is what gives us meaning.”

“I paint skulls as a visual reminder that we are bones and must all succumb to the reality of nature’s elemental theme: with life must come death. My skeletal work reminds me of this every day, and it inspires me to live a true and meaningful life. To use my gifts to make a difference in the world. To love and to connect. To create.”


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