Inspirational Home Renovation Story by Adam and Stacey

Adam and Stacey are a lovely couple based in the beautiful Norfolk/Suffolk Broads. They are famous for their Edwardian end terrace house project which started with simply sharing their home interior photos on Instagram and their followers have grown day by day surprisingly as they never expected anyone else to take an interest. Stacey Dyer is actually a makeup artist who has worked for the brand MAC for many years, and currently helps people with their beauty/skin issues and reviewing products, though we mostly know her as an interior content creator. “We purchased our home back in November 2014 and luckily it was in pretty good shape. Over the last few years we have changed it aesthetically but not structurally. It was built in 1910, making it Edwardian and fortunately, the previous owners kept all of its original features.” they state on their blog. They also add that; “We only ever began our Instagram account for our own documentation of how we had transformed our home from initial purchase. Our account has grown and grown and we literally have no idea why, maybe because we tend to purchase mostly high street affordable pieces and all our improvements and renovations are done on a normal working family budget and time frame (everything is done post 7 pm when our 2-year-old is in bed!). We are certainly no experts in the interior world and quite often we bodge things up but maybe you can learn from both our mistakes and successes. We have created a blog so that we can explain more easily how we have renovated and created our own unique space.” If you are fond of home renovation projects, you’ll undoubtedly love their photos and stories on their blog. They have extremely inspirational photos and share all the information about their latest purchases which are all budget-friendly. Scroll down to see some of their home interior photos and let us know about your opinions using the comment box.