Artist Edith Ben Gida Inks Brilliant Miniature Tattoos

Edith Ben-Gida, the talented tattoo artist, is currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel and works at Gida Tattoo and Gallery with her husband. She holds a BA in Art, specializing in “Miniature Realism”. It wasn’t until she met her husband, she started to tattoo, as she had worked as a full-time painter before. She tells the story of her career as follows; “Today I’ve been tattooing for two years! And I have to take a second and say thank you! All thanks to Avihoo (her husband). I started as a painter closed in a room all day until you took me out and taught me everything you know. I do not know if it’s fate or just luck but I won!”. She specializes in hyper-realistic, black-and-grey, minimalistic tattoos and inks all designs including Disney characters, celebrities, pets and her own illustrations. Edith loves challenging herself and the difficulty of trying to create something small and detailed. As a tattoo artist couple, Edith and her husband travel around the world and be guest artists at different studios. In each of tattoos that she’s designed, you will see how passionate she is about her work. Now scroll through and enjoy our selection of Edith’s brilliant tattoo designs.

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