Welcome to 22 Pineapple aka Ananas Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

Hospitality (especially of families), positivity, friendliness, true love (with matching tats), sincereness, warmth, wealth, are general symbolism for pineapple tattoos. Interestingly, due to its very cute and majestic looks, pineapple aka ananas tattoos are very popular with younger generations. Simple as that, it looks awesome. But there are many meanings behind these designs as we’ve already said. Historically, the origins of symbolism date back to the 15th century. Columbus was the one to discover the New World (Americas) to Europe bringing new exotic fruits (pineapples) back to the Old Continent. At that time only the rich could have afforded such delicious rare fruit. There’s even a painting of King Charles II with the first pineapple grown in England. People call pineapples kings of fruits because of their strong body and a ‘crown’ on top. Combining that with skull can also have a specific meaning mixing rebels and kings, resulting in the not-to-mess-gang message. But, a regular colorful pineapple is always the friendliest of all tats. Homes around the globe use it as the house decoration, a welcoming gesture. Even the skull pineapple can reflect on the lost loved one we’re honoring by carrying this tattoo design, especially the case on the Hawaiian Islands.

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Pineapple is the friendliest of all tats, perfect for open minded people with a will to help others

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Skull-Pineapple honors our lost loved ones, or it can just mean to piss off because you are a rebel and the king

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Due to its strong body and crown on top, pineapples are nicknamed kings of fruits

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Hospitality, positivity, friendliness, love, sincereness, warmth, wealth, are general symbolism for pineapple tattoos.

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Matching ones are signs of true love or true friendship

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Young people very often ask for pineapple tats just because they look so cute and awesome. Simple as that.

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Whatever the meaning is behind yours it can never a mistake in any way. Beautiful and kind.

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