5 Ways to Wear Metallics

When you think of metallic clothing, your mind probably rushes to 1970s and 1980s jumpsuits and evening gowns, or tops from the 1990s. One never really imagines that metallics can be modern, and even stylish in this day and age, but they actually can be if you know how to wear them. There are ways to bring a little bit of shine to your outfits without looking tacky or like you’re living in the wrong decade. It’s all a matter of simple editing and being tasteful in your choices. Just look at how neon fashion, a fixture of the 1980s have also made a comeback. The truth about metallics is there are certain garments that can look really great in metallic and some things that look really cheap when they come in shiny gold or silver. You just have to have a very discerning eye for detail and know how to balance them out with more muted pieces. So how can you do metallics without it turning it into a fashion faux pas? Here are some ideas for your next outfit.

Metallic Skirts Paired With Plain Tops

One of the most common trends at the moment are metallic skirts, whether they are iridescent metallic mini skirts, or gold metallic pleated midi-skirts. These skirts can actually look extremely luxe if you know exactly how to create an outfit with them. If you pair it up with a plain black top, sweater or t-shirt outfit will look like something that belongs in Vogue, and not a retro music video. Remember, the rule here is not to do a full on metallic outfit, because that will just look extremely tacky. It’s all about balance, and you can make the look feel more modern by just being more editorial and sticking to one highly impactful piece at a time, not head to toe.

Statement Party Dress

If you’re going for a fun occasion like a bachelorette party or a birthday bash, why not consider doing so in a metallic strappy dress. You’ll be channeling Diana Ross in the best way and giving your friends the disco feel without it looking dated and tacky. Opt for something that doesn’t have long sleeves and a high-neck. The best way to make metallics look modern is to balance them out by showing some skin. Add to that really big hair and a stunning pair of statement earrings and you’re glam and good to go.

Shoes, Bags and Jewelry

When it comes to metallics, you can never go wrong when you do them in accessory-form, especially with your shoes, bags, necklaces and bangles. Generally, we can have a lot more fun with accessories, and we should allow ourselves to. A gold metallic clutch or even a shoulder bag can be quite eye-catching. Metallic pairs of boots can actually also look quite funky, especially with a more muted outfit. These stylish white gold chains for men can add some metallic flair if you’d prefer the bling to come from your jewelry, not your clothes. You can experiment with different colors and prints from rose gold to silver, and have a lot of fun. Consider adding a metallic piece to your summer shoe or handbag collection.

Metallic Accents

If you can’t commit to a whole outfit in metallic, try bringing some shine to your look through small details and accents, like a metallic panel on a plain t-shirt, a simple skirt that looks like it’s dipped in gold, or even metallic lines on the side of a pair of jeans. You don’t have to go over-the-top to achieve a great metallic look, sometimes it’s all in the little things.



If metallics on your clothes are a bit too out there, why not bring some shine to your make-up? A bright metallic eyeshadow can totally make your look on a night out, and give you metallic glamour without having to commit to a dress, a skirt or a pair of boots. You can also get some subtle metallic detail with a bronzer or a highlighter. It’s something small that can make a really big impact.

If you like to walk on the more fun side of fashion, metallics are one of the best ways to do so, especially right now. Shiny, blingy details are very much in trend right now, so there’s nothing wrong with bringing some of these details into your own closet. It doesn’t just have to be for teens to wear. With the right pieces, you can make metallics look very chic, stylish and far from juvenile. It’s all about being wise about what you shop for and how you pair things up. Next time you’re shopping, don’t be afraid to pick up a little metallic to bring a bit more flair to your style.

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