21 Perfect Flamingo Tattoo Designs for Ink-Art Lovers

All birds make great tattoo designs but flamingo has a special place among all other types. Prominent with its eye-catching pink feathers and bears femininity and tenderness, some can be mistaken that it is preferred only by women but flamingo tattoos are also popular among men as it has long been a symbol of environmental groups and has some other powerful meanings. It is mostly inked in watercolor style and in a realistic way, where as black and white designs are also possible. Depending on your taste and the creativity of the artist, you can either highlight its powerful side by portraying the flamingo standing on one leg representing balance, or get it inked as a cartoon with sunglasses for a more fantastic design. You can even consider creating a unique composition by adding some other patterns like waves, seashells, palm trees, tropical flowers or the sun. No matter what your choice is, flamingos make for some pretty outstanding works of art. In order to help you with this hard decision, we collected some of the best and latest flamingo tattoo desings for you. Take a look at them then decide on the one that fits your personality and style.

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