36 Incredible Rose Tattoo Designs to Make Your Friends Envious!

The first evidence of a rose dates back to 3.5 billion years ago, they have seen worldly events way before humans existed. Roses have evolved with nature and rose tattoos have become a highly desired piece of skin art.

Roses have been a famed subject of art and you’ve seen them in many classic European paintings. They have been upheld as America’s national flower by president Ronald Reagan & Poetess Sappho named the rose the “queen of flowers”. 

Roses have proved their value way more than any other flowers in the world, they are a concrete representation of beauty.

This incredible flower has withstood the test of time. As a tribute to this timeless flower, we have curated 36 incredible rose tattoo designs by the talented TJ Schunemann.

Tj Shunemann also known as thomasj_ink on Instagram was born and raised in New Hampshire, he specializes in realism, color, as well as black and grey.

He has truly perfected the rose tattoo, big or small, dark or light, women or male, he excels at them.

For TJ, tattooing is his passion, he has drawn his whole life, but once he started getting tattooed, he knew tattooing was his calling. TJ, like all true artists, loves the satisfaction of being able to create art his client’s love, “it is such a rewarding experience” he says.

Every rose he paints on the skin glows, it looks as if the roses have a permanent spotlight. Why not though? Right? Roses belong in the limelight! Most definitely!

“A connection is built with every person I get to tattoo and spend the day with, I love it. There is nothing I would rather do than tattoo, I’m forever grateful for the craft” says TJ.

TJ can be found showcasing his incredible skills at River Rose & Tattoo & Art Gallery in Goffstown, NH.

Does TJ only tattoo roses? Absolutely not. Rose tattoos are only one talent in his repertoire, make sure you follow his journey on Instagram

We trust you will enjoy this incredible selection of TJ’s Rose Tattoos, we did!

Awe-Inspiring Realistic Rose Tattoos

1. Blue Rose Tattoo

rose tattoos

Roses with azure pigments are mysterious. It is a tag for those who are embarking to attain the impossible. Rose tattoos rendered in the colors of the ocean are for the hopeful. The ones with the radical minds carrying the courage to go beyond the norms. This blue rose tattoo has impeccable details. It’s beaming with the hues of blues portraying an almost miraculous appeal.

2. Orange Rose Tattoo

orange rose tattoos on a mans hands

Orange roses are for those in love. Roses painted in coral palettes symbolize one’s newfound joy in a relationship. Rose tattoos in bright tangerine tones depict sincere gratitude and joy towards someone or something. 

3. Red Rose Tattoos

red rose tattoos on mans arms

Red roses portray intense romance. Red is the color of love. Red rose tattoos exhibit audacious emotions, romantic ones for that matter. This red rose tattoo beams even more on a black and grey background. It highlights the intricate beauty of such an immortal flower beautifully.

4. Bold Black and Orange Rose Tattoo

bold black and orange tattoo on a mans hand

The fusion of black and orange rose tattoo carries a whole new meaning. While orange connotes the joy of a new relationship, black roses, pigments of fiction, exhibit a painful end. This beautifully painted black and orange tattoo vibes heightened feelings of love and sorrow.

5. Realistic Black and Gray Rose Tattoo

realistic black and gray tattoo on mans hand

Extraordinary how this one simply pops out. The sharps shades, the defined corners, and the intensity of every ink blot created a hyper-realistic effect. Black and grey rose tattoos accentuate the intricate details of every rose’s curves without any splashes of hues.

6. Beautiful Red Rose Tattoo

detailed red rose tattoo on mans hands

Red roses piqued many artists’ eyes. They are seen in most European classical paintings. This one is painted on a different canvas. The bold details and the emphasized streak of light made this rose tattoo look as if it came out of a beautifully aged painting.

7. Bright Red Rose Tattoo


In ancient times, roses are for the deities, gods, and goddesses. Roses are for the superficial royalties that shaped the otherworldly Grecian stories. As an object of greatness, rose tattoos gained popularity in the modern world. 

8. Beautiful Red Rose Tattoo

bold rose tattoo on a womans buttocks

In the Roman empire, roses were a part of important religious ceremonies. Men and women wore headpieces of rose ornaments. Today, roses are worn on the skin. This rose tattoo bears exceptional details. The combination of various shades of hues created a realistic rose tattoo that definitely catches attention.

9. Bold and Detailed Rose Tattoos

bright red rose tattoo on a womans neck

The rose’s sophisticated petals form an exceptional pattern. In the Renaissance period, an artist who can paint a realistic rose is entitled to be called a “master of the arts”. TJ Schunemann is definitely the master of rose tattoos. His incredible renditions of roses are beaming with immaculate details.

10. Bright Blue Rose Tattoos

bright blue rose on a womans forearm

Blue roses bear the cumbersome feeling of unrequited love. This awe-inspiring blue rose tattoo flaunts incredible details. The shadow play creates a realistic facade it’s magnetizing.

11. Black and Gray Realistic Rose Tattoos

realistic black and gray tattoo on arms

Black and gray rose tattoos carry an ominous image. The colors overpower the intensity of its shades. However, black and gray rose tattoos can withstand the test of time, in terms of trends. This black and gray tattoo gives off a cinematic film-noir effect.

12. Realistic Rose Pink Tattoo

realistic pink rose tattoo on a womans thigh

The famous Marie Antoinette adorned her portraits with roses. She adored roses so much that such a historical flower appeared infinitely in her paintings. The roses in her paintings are rendered in mellow rose pink palettes. Just like this magnificent rose tattoo. It is glowing with a queenly appeal.

13. Classic Black and Gray Rose Tattoo

realistic black and gray tattoo on womans shoulder

Rose tattoos painted in black and gray are classic. Before colored pigments were invented, black and gray tattoos are all that were available. However, it’s not inferior to colored tattoos. Black and gray rose tattoos still exhibit a marvelous image with the absence of hues.

14. Detailed Single Rose Tattoo

beautiful realistic rose tattoo on womans calves

This rose tattoo has an incandescent light above it. The way the light hits this rose tattoo created a glowing illusion. It is visually striking. It’s like looking at a real pink rose in the middle of a lush garden. 

15. Classic Red Rose Tattoos

red rose tattoo and skull tattoo on the back neck of a man

The combination of a red rose and a skull carries a heartfelt essence. A red rose tattoo means a passionate kind of romance. The skull, however, is a symbol of something that ended. The blend of two elements projects a devouring love that came to an end. 

16. Animated Background with Red Rose Tattoo

red rose tattoo with animated background on mans calves

Rose tattoos are versatile, they can be rendered in an animated or hyper-realistic style but still bear the same striking beauty. This rose tattoo fused with a crisp animated background brings out the well-defined pattern of the rose. The blue pigments, on the other hand, give off a refreshing appeal.

17. Red Rose Tattoo on Black and Gray Background

realistic red rose tattoo on black and gray background on mans chest

Rose tattoos are universal. Anywhere in the world is tantalized by its whirling patterns and curvy petals. Realistic rose tattoos on a black and gray background create an even more engaging appeal. It brings out every immaculate detail of the flower.

18. A Single Red Rose Tattoo

single red rose tattoo on a womans forearms

A single red rose radiates one’s romanticism. There’s something about red roses that allures the comforting feeling of love. A single red rose tattoo like this bears an eternal meaning. The way the red rose tattoo was painted on the skin defined every curve and swirl making it appear real.

19. Skull and Red Rose Tattoo

a skull and red rose tattoo on a mans arms

Some red roses are bright, others are lushed with dark red pigments. A red rose tattoo shadowed in dark tones may appear gloomy but elegant. It’s a classic look for red rose tattoos.

20. Alluring Pink Rose Tattoo

pink rose tattoo on a womans forearm

Pink roses bear a soft and feminine surface. The light that hits this rose tattoo impeccably brought out an even more beaming quality. The way the shadows are rendered highlights every wave of the petals. The vivid colors with dark tones made this rose tattoo appear like a life-like painting. 

21. Single Red-Orange Rose Tattoo

red orange rose tattoo on a womans  calves

Red-orange roses are cheerful the create vibes of a sunny day, a feeling of comfort. The unique design of this single rose tattoo brought out the lush thorny leaves in the background is stunning. The rich hues of emerald green accentuated the grayish red-orange hues and the white pigments highlighted two contrasting colors making it even more eye-catching.

22. A Single Pink Rose Tattoo


Rose tattoos in Central America raise eyebrows, they can be a gang tag. For someone to paint their skin with roses is assumed to be a part of a menacing group. Despite such a negative connotation in Central America, rose tattoos’ kaleidoscopic patterns and noble appeal overpower them. 

23. Realistic Red Rose Tattoo

a single red rose tattoo on a mans forearm

In Russia, roses are symbols of innocence being taken away, they represent the fleeting stages of youth. Roses come in various colors and each color bears diverse meanings. While, a red rose tattoo like this is seen as a symbol of passionate love, on the other side of the world, it is viewed as an insignia for teenagers losing their innocence. 

24. Peach Rose Tattoo

peach rose tattoo on a mans forearms

Peach falls under the palette of orange. This peach-colored rose tattoo is beaming with lightness and warmth. It is incredible how the artist layered varied tones of peach blended with white pigments and gray tones forming a realistic rose tattoo.

25. Pink and Red Rose Tattoos

pink  and red rose tattoos on the forearm

The contrast between the fusion of hot pink and gray hues in this tattoo fashioned quite a unique appeal. It brought out the vividness of hot pink while giving the gray petals a rich velvety effect. This rose tattoo is one-of-a-kind. 

26. Green Rose Tattoo

green rose tattoo on the forearm

Green rose blossoms do exist, but it’s not common. The uplifting and replenishing surface of green roses carries the meaning of a rebirth. It is for the ones who are appreciative of life’s second chance. Green rose tattoos represent personal growth. It gives meaning to life’s fortuitous excitements. 

27. Black and Gray Single Rose Tattoo

burning candle and rose tattoo on the forearm

The classic style of black and gray rose tattoos exhibits a mysterious image. Combining such an enigmatic look with a burning candle makes it even more perplexing. The strokes of details in this dark tattoo formed a picture that is both alluring and haunting.

This tattoo is incredible!

28. Purple Rose Tattoo

beautiful purple rose tattoo on mans front neck

The glowing visual effects of this purple rose tattoo looks heavenly. The enchanting appeal of this design upheld the meaning of the purple tattoo bears. Purple rose tattoos can mean love at first sight. They carry a candid feeling of fascination toward someone.

29. Vivid Red Rose Tattoo

vivid red rose tattoo with red leaves on forearm

The swirling petals, grainy textures, and subtle lighting made this red rose tattoo quite comforting to look at. The precise details of every stroke on every petal are simply attention-grabbing. Finishing it off with splatters of gray petals, the beautiful hues stand out beautifully. 

30. Bright Orange Rose Tattoo

bright orange single rose tattoo on mans forearm

The rich colors, the intensified shadows, and the luscious green leaves of this rose tattoo are enticing. Catching a glance at this orange rose tattoo is alluring. The way the colors are blended structured something lively yet at the same time exhilarating. It is indeed quite a piece of skin art.

31. Pink Rose Tattoo

charming pink rose tattoo on forearm

The glistening light on the brims of the petals shimmers. It looks as if it was freshly picked in a sunlit flower garden. Pink roses are loved by females. It is a concrete representation of femininity.

32. Pink Rose Tattoo with Purple Leaves


This one is almost in full bloom. The outer petals are curling while the bud is slowly uncovering. The color palettes in this rose tattoo project such a grand appeal. The intensified white, saturated pinks, subtle grays, and luscious purple formed quite a beauty.

33. Classic Black and Gray Rose Tattoos

black and gray rose tattoo on mans hand

It’s a classic rose tattoo but it sure is beguiling. The dark shadows contrasting with the light created a rose tattoo design that demands attention. The patterned leaves in the background gave the spiraling figure of the rose more distinction.

34. Bright Pink Rose Tattoo

pink rose tattoo on mans neck

Tattoos on the neck are head-turners. A rose tattoo on the neck, however, becomes the center of attention. This one for sure turns heads around. The beautiful details and dramatic colors are cinematic. This dazzling pink rose blossoms with such superb elegance.

35. Butterfly and Red Rose Tattoos

beautiful butterfly and rose tattoo on mans forearm

Just like roses, butterflies exude a rare splendor. The fusion of two ornate elements birthed a new light to each of their individual meanings. The beauty of butterflies and roses is fleeting yet they both bear important essence. The black and gray patterned butterfly at par with the rich and solid render of the rose made this tattoo striking. 

36. A Single Red Rose Tattoo

single red rose tattoo on the calves

This one radiates romance. This red rose tattoo gleams through the defined white shadows on the petals. The upright stems with luscious emerald green leaves make this tattoo dramatic.

So, What Do Rose Tattoos Mean?

Red roses are for the romantics while blue roses are for those who delve into the world of the impossible. Orange roses are cheerful and bring a delightful mood. Pink roses, on the other hand, are for females’ tender sides. 

Rose tattoos, like all tattoos, can mean completely different things to different people. It all depends on the design, the color choices, and other elements combined. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you love your tattoo and the meaning you give it.

What Goes With Rose Tattoos?

Rose tattoos go with any design elements. Its versatile quality can pair well with realistic renders, abstract backgrounds, or even geometric patterns. Rose tattoos also pair well with other blossoms or flower tattoos

How Much Do Rose Tattoos Cost?

The cost of rose tattoos depends on the size. Also, prices can vary based on the artist’s skills and the intricacy of the design. 

Roses’ fleeting beauty is eternal, they have been a subject for paintings, royalties, gangs, and the like. Roses are fantastic blossoms that bear all sorts of meanings.

Every color carries a beautiful essence, we hope you love you next rose tattoo!