Dark and Bold Tattoo Designs by Maxim Denisenko

Maxim Denisenko is a 34 years old tattoo artist and a native of a small southern town near Krasnodar, Russia. He has always been passionate about drawing, however turning his passion into a tattoo art profession was a long journey for him. “I was 7 years old when I realized all the magic of fine art, both as a hobby and as an opportunity to create something for myself, here and now. Whether it was a pencil drawing or modeling from plasticine, I could touch my favorite cartoon characters and plunge into the fantastic atmosphere of fictional Worlds and events.” he states on his Instagram feed.His story of starting to draw is so interesting that we’d like to share it with you; “Masha introduced me to this magic,a neighboring teenage girl with severe humidifications on the spine after suffering a disease, because of which she had difficulty moving and was forced to stay at home. She painted, painted a lot and it was great, as it seemed to me at that time. These were the simplest cartoonish images that I knew from my favorite cartoons or the brand new ones she had invented at that moment. Masha could depict everything that I would not ask. It was amazing! She impressed and inspired me. I began to imitate her drawings, and later learned to apply my imagination. Thanks to her example, I acquired an amazing tool for creating my own World, in which I could hide when I am scared, bored or lonely, and also touch my dreams. So I got addicted to drawing.” After a huge struggle, in September 2012, he moved to Krasnodar and got a job at Klipkord as a full-time tattoo artist. His style is dark, bold and realistic and not everyone can dare to have this kind of tattoo design, don’t you think? Here you can see some of his most captivating tattoo designs.