Why Your Windows Need More Love

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We end up neglecting a lot of things in our lives without even realizing it, and it is not done out of malice, spite or any sort of ill-will or intention, rather it is usually because we either do not realize the importance of said thing or we just end up forgetting about it. This includes a number of things in our lives, and it can include ourselves, sometimes friendships, romantic interests, hobbies, our car engine, our air conditioning and so on.

It is an endless list, and we have different we neglect in our every part of our life and daily living, and it is important that we try to identify what we are neglecting and then try to work on it or give it a little attention from time to time in order to keep things running smoothly. So, if you happen to be neglecting your car, it is advised to take it for a maintenance check after every 3 months, and maybe get an oil change every 3 months as well. Your car will last much longer and it will thank you by not breaking down sooner than expected.

Our windows are another example of things we neglect when it comes to our house. We do not usually give our windows a lot of thought because their job is to just allow natural light to enter the house and to allow air to regulate in case you happen to keep your windows open. However, our windows do need a bit of love and care too. In case your windows happen to be really old or are in bad condition, then it is better to just put them to rest and opt for a replacement job, and for that you can look through your directory and ask around for reliable Denver replacement windows servicemen to do the job for you.

Yes, our windows do not seem like they do a lot of work, but they actually do play a pivotal role in regulating the temperature of our house, so they indirectly play a role in how our HVAC system works, and then our overall electricity bill. Our windows tend to act as a barrier between outside air and indoor air. A good window, when closed, does not allow outside air to enter inside the house and vice versa. So, when your windows have gotten older or have not been replaced or taken care of, then outside and inside air will start moving between the windows, and this movement of air ends up disrupting the balance created by the HVAC system, so when it detects the fluctuation in temperature that is present in the air, it will then start exerting more energy in order to once again maintain the desired temperature equilibrium. This ends up with more electricity being used and then you ultimately getting a higher electricity bill every month. So, if you notice that your electricity bill has only been getting higher lately even though you have not changed anything about your electrical usage, then the culprit is most likely an old, damaged window in your house.

Our windows do not need a lot of care, but they do require some maintenance as well. This can include getting a coat of sealant along the wooden pane, replacing the caulking and generally keeping the glass surface clean and so on. A neglected window will end up showing a lot of different signs of damage and, wear and tear and you can easily detect a bad window in need of a replacement by just checking a few things. First, you can look into the physical appearance of the window. If the wooden panes are warped, distorted, look fragile and as if they are about to fall apart, then your window really needs a replacement job. Similarly, if you notice what looks like dust on your glass that won’t go away regardless of how much you clean the surface, then that means that dust and other particles can now enter between two glass panels, and that is a sign of a compromised window that needs to be replaced. Once you are done examining the outward appearance of your window, you can then inspect its functionality. So, if your window is not opening or closing all the way, or if it is getting jammed or closing suddenly without warning, then that means that your window is not able to do its job and needs to be replaced by fully-functioning windows. Lastly, when you do get your window replacement done and finally have new windows, do not neglect them and let them have the same fate as the previous windows. You should instead work on giving your windows attention from time-to-time along with with maintenance checks every six months or once a year in order to keep them happy and running longer.

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