White Crested Ducks are Glorious George Washington Lookalikes

White Crested Ducks’ origin is uncertain, but they have been seen since the 1600s, also being portrayed in Dutch paintings in the 17th century. They are medium-sized, with a weight of 3.2 kg (drake) and 2.7 kg (ducks). They grow fast (they are suitable for meat, but also egg production). In most cases, they are ornamental, used for exhibition purposes. They’re calm, fairly quiet, and have friendly behavior which is the reason people use them as pets. The name is as obvious as it gets due to their powder puff head feathers. Interestingly there’s also Crested Miniature bantam version of these birds weighing just 0.9 kg – 1.1 kg. The regular crested ducks come as white with the pale orange color of beak and legs, and also there are black ones with dark gray beaks and legs. They can live under any climate. Enjoy these fabulous creatures in the pictures below.

She forgot to tie her hair

George Washington and his double

They are calm, fairly quiet, and friendly.

People keep them as pets.

They are also used for exhibition purposes

There’s also a miniature version that weighs only 1 kg (2.2 lbs)

via [sadanduseless]