Professional Photographer Turns His Insect Phobia into Masterpiece-Legacy-Career

+147 global award-winning photographer Mofeed Abu Shalwa, from Saudi Arabia is also a researcher of beetles since 2015. “I actually started photography since 2010, and before that date, I used to photograph travel trips with my family since childhood,” Shalwa Revealed. “I have tried all genres of photography… but I stopped at photographing macro due to a very funny story, which is my fear of insects in my childhood. This fear grew because my colleagues at school came with these insects, and they knew that I suffered from an insect phobia.” Shalwa uses a focus-stacking technology to get the depth of field he requires. “I have a great blog of my works on the global website youpic. The number of observations of my works has reached more than 10 million views.”
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Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus

All photo credits: Mofeed Abu Shalwa

Spotted Weevils Family



The Butterfly Face


Blue Longhorn Beetle

Wolf Spider

Plexippus Paykulli

Stag Beetle

Cyclommatus Metallifer



Mammoth Wasp




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