Illustrative and Geometric Black and Gray Tattoos by Pablo Torre

Pablo Torre is known for his precision and attention to the small details, resulting in very delicate and clean artwork. He focuses on designs of elements of nature, lines, geometric shapes and surreal components to create a completely original finished product. The most important goal for him is that his customer and he are both absolutely proud and satisfied with the artwork he delivered. Love towards the tattoo art comes from a thought of putting his own creations on other people’s skin and the fact his drawings remain static on paper. That idea led him to begin his apprenticeship in the studio Zink de La Coruna where he refined his technique. In 2014 he moved to Madrid and begun to work on his own, developing his own personal style focusing on very graphic works in black and gray, geometric and fine lines, and Dotwork.

The precision and attention to the small details he’s known for

He focusing on designs of elements of nature

And sometimes surreal components

He works with geometric shapes

Dotwork technique

Fine lines

He doesn’t do tattoos on the face or the belly

He’s a specialist in black and gray tattoo work

And does only small details in color

Sometimes his work contains surreal components

So his work always looks completely orignal

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