20 Glorious Goat Tattoo Designs and the Meaning of the Symbol

The goat is a symbol of power, vitality, and fertility. Most images refer to the ram, and many tattoos feature goats with various horn styles, from coiled to straight. The goat emerges as a power animal in ancient Greek mythology, where Dionysus metamorphosizes into a goat to escape Olympus and flee to Egypt.

The goat is also a symbol of lust and sex. It’s for this reason that the occult prize the image of the goat so highly. It’s also one of the driving forces behind the image of the goat in the Baphomet. The goat can also be a symbol of abomination, injustice, and evil. The satanic cult relies on the Baphomet as a key symbol. However, the meaning is in the eye of the beholder and the wearer of the tattoo. The goat also has an affinity with the night cycle and the lunar light that illuminates the earth. You’ll often find goat designs incorporated with lunar symbols and images. Along with the bull, the goat is a symbol of the cult of the Phallus. The cult chose the goat as the symbol because of its constant need to procreate.

Goat tattoos can suit both men and women, and people born under the Capricorn star sign. People who want a ram will typically decide on coiled horns for the design. However, straight horns on a goat image are often associated with an occultic symbol. Therefore, you need to understand the nature and meaning of the design before the artist tattoos it on your skin.

If you’re going with a goat design for your next tattoo, then take the time to think about placement. Goats work well as half-sleeves on the upper or lower arm. They also work well on the calves, as well as the shoulder blade. They aren’t ideal as large pieces unless you’re incorporating them into a design with more elements.

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