When Should I Get My Air Conditioner Serviced

An air conditioner is a highly complex appliance that’s found in most households. Hot days are no match for a well-maintained AC system. However, the components will show signs of decline if they aren’t serviced on a regular schedule. Learn when the AC should be serviced so that residents always have a comfortable interior.

1. The Annual Review

Ideally, schedule a service call once a year. Most professionals rely on this timetable because it gives the components a chance to work throughout the warmer seasons. There’s usually a small break in the fall and winter. Residents must simply pick a good time to call in a technician.

The air conditioner must be cleaned, inspected, adjusted and tested during these visits. It’s tempting to skip over an annual review because the system seems to work fine. There may be tiny changes, however, that make a difference. Try to schedule the service at the same time every year so that it just becomes habitual.

2. Picking the Right Time

The right time to service the air conditioning will vary from household to household. Most people think of this service in the early spring. The weather is warming up, and concerns about cooling the home are rising.

Keep in mind that calling the professionals in the spring is a collective action; everyone in the neighborhood may want an appointment right now. As a clever alternative, try an air conditioner appointment in the fall. The system has served its purpose for the summer, and the professionals can give it a good cleaning as winter approaches.

3. Avoiding the Busy Season

Getting the air conditioning serviced should always be a planned event during any season other than summer. Naturally, everyone is using their systems at this point. If any failures are on the horizon, the professionals will be busy calling on those customers.

Residents end up waiting for their service call. In some cases, the air conditioner repair will have a premium attached to it. Summer is the busiest time for HVAC technicians, which often means that labor and service charges are higher than normal.

Try to schedule an appointment during the other seasons. Leave only emergencies for those summertime appointments if necessary.

4. Noticing Decline

An air conditioner should always be examined if there’s noticeable signs of decline. Worn hoses on the exterior unit or visible leaks on the interior system should all be checked out. Residents shouldn’t wait for the right time for air conditioning repair maple ridge; it must be prioritized now.

Any postponements on a declining system will end up costing more in the long run. The system might break down entirely. With repairs costing hundreds of dollars or more, residents will always save money when they act quickly.

5. Hearing Unusual Noises

Every air conditioning system will have a certain hum associated with its operations. Older systems are a bit louder than modern components. Most households will know what the AC sounds like, which means that unusual noises will be immediately noticeable.

Contact the professionals when unusual noises are suddenly part of the operations. In fact, the sounds may be so alarming that residents turn the system off entirely.

These noises can come from a range of different components, from the fan to the interior blower. They must be inspected and repaired as necessary.

6. Wondering About Energy Usage

The household’s electrical bill might be steadily creeping upwards. Summer has been incredibly hot. However, most people know a rough number for their energy usage even with the air conditioning on.

Ask for a system service if residents are worried about high costs on their electrical bill. The components might require certain adjustments that will improve their efficiency.

Neglected systems will drain the electrical bill because they’re working harder under difficult conditions. Be mindful of the household’s energy usage so that services are always scheduled accordingly.

7. Hot-Air Scenarios

Residents’ air conditioning should never put out hot air. Upon activation, the air is almost always cool, depending on the set temperature.

If residents notice hot air spewing from the interior vents, the professionals must be called in. The coolant may be low or leaking. There might be other issues at play too.

Turn off the air conditioner until the professionals arrive. Pushing hot air around won’t help the household’s comfort level and damages might occur to the components.

8. Performing In-Between Work

The air conditioning can always be serviced with a few DIY methods between appointments. These actions won’t violate any warranties or harm the system.

Inspect the interior unit for any dusty conditions. With the system off, residents can carefully vacuum the visible parts.

Don’t forget to look at the air filter. This component must be replaced or rinsed, depending on the installed type.

Filters become clogged over time, which places extra strain on the entire system. Allowing the components to breathe will only extend their lifespans.

The exterior unit is relatively closed off to service by the residents, but there are a few housekeeping jobs that can be performed.

Look for any leaves, stems or large debris in and around the unit. Clear away any of these obstacles because they might hinder the fan’s operation.

Working with the professionals on an annual basis is one of the best ways to keep up with AC maintenance. There may even be a contract in place for the work. Service the AC to see real savings on energy and component lifespans over the years.

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