5 Accessories That Will Bring an Instant Change of Look


From severe changes like dyeing your hair to subtle modifications like getting your nose pierced, a change in look brings about a very substantial change in the vibes you give. Sometimes change is necessary, but we can’t decide what will look good on us.

Have you bought the latest clothes and still lack the IT factor when it comes to dressing up? No matter how much you combine different clothes, not accessorizing accordingly will leave a very dull look. Whenever you start getting bored with your current day-to-day outfits, you don’t need to hit different shops to buy new clothes. Instead, invest a few dollars in some accessories that will give off a very chic and changed look to your overall attire.

The most basic outfits can be transformed with a few key accessories. You can keep wearing your black denim, but adding a pair of black sunglasses will give off a celebrity-esque look. Let’s take a look at the top 5 accessories that you might want to incorporate into your daily outfit to implement a change in your look.


I mean, who doesn’t love glasses?! With a ton of options to choose from, glasses are an excellent accessory which should be a part of your daily attire. Glasses are a great way to focus someone’s attention to your face. You can even match the color of your glasses with your outfit or the shade of your lipstick for maximum efficiency.

When it comes to buying glasses, Firmoo.com offers a very wide range to its customers. From modest-looking prescription glasses to a collection of fashionable sunglasses; the variety is endless. You can buy 2-3 glasses of different frames and colors from Firmoo, and switch them up daily to achieve a modern and distinct look even before you put your clothes on.


Although they may be a little hard to pull off; a good hat will definitely make statements when you go out. Either it is a simple baseball cap or a more fashionable fedora hat; it will make your outfit a lot more unique so that you don’t always look the same.

The best thing about hats is that they can be worn in any weather. Whether it is a warm summer evening, a sun hat worn at the beach will make you stand out. A beany in cold winter days will give you a very casual yet classy look. There are plenty of options when it comes to hats, so don’t be afraid to test a few and decide which kind looks the best on you!


Scarf or Bandana

When it comes to accessories for men and women, a bandana or a scarf is a timeless and classic choice. It is a simple yet exquisite way to refine your look without having to invest a lot of money. For men, a bandana can be worn at a festival, a meetup with friends or a very casual event which will prove to be a very excellent addition to their outfit.

A scarf, on the other hand, makes an awesome fashion statement and changes your outfit in a flash. Have to go to a party after work? Well, a high ponytail, a little bit of makeup and a cool printed scarf can help you doll up for a party in less than 10 minutes. Scarfs are my personal favorite as winding up a scarf around your neck can make any plain outfit dapper.


Let’s be honest – we, women, are crazy for men who have their veins popping out. A cool, edgy armband to complement those veins is a huge plus. Colorful silicon and rubber bracelets are becoming a part of the identity of most adults, and I love the trend. A bracelet will aid in accentuating your personal style, and if you have never worn one, try a metallic or a leather one – or both as they will set you apart from the rest of the men.

For women, well we all love bracelets but only wear them on big occasions. Bangles, cuff, and chain bracelets are a great way of letting your hand do the talking. They can be used to showcase your personality as a simple and elegant bracelet will bring a certain novelty to your overall attire. However, don’t overdo them as it will draw extra attention to you and give off an over-accessorized look.


The first thing people notice about you are your feet so you should invest a little money to have shoes for every event and occasion. Irrespective of the event you’re going for, a pair of good shoes will make your day seem beautiful. Have a shoe for each outfit; sneakers with denim pants, high heels with skirts, and flip flops with your beach attire will give you a very complete and refined look.

The right kind of shoes can even make your boring work outfit chic so that you can go for the evening party without having to completely change your shoes. There is nothing more fashionable about a person than a pair of nice shoes so they should be the most important part of your wardrobe.

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