How You can Use Technology to Take Better Photos

A few years back you could never even imagine you could take a photo from a small device in your pocket. And as you are getting nostalgic about how you used to click pictures a few years back, it is getting even better.

And today we will look at some of the new modern-day technology which will make your photos, even more, better than you could think. These technologies have made photography more fun, exciting, or educational, and your love for photography will only get deeper.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR is an advanced technology to capture the most out of your digital cameras. Most times, when you click a photo when the sun or extremely bright light is in the background, you have to sacrifice the background to improve the subject in the foreground. But, with HDR technology, the case has been changed.

HDR takes up multiple images in one shot of click and combines them to a well-lit subject with an enormous amount of detail in the background. Thanks to modern-day technology, the process happens so quickly that it doesn’t feel like a process. You may want to use a tripod for better stabilization, and you will undoubtedly get better at it with the right amount of practice.

Auto White Balance

You can adjust the white balance of photos manually, but nowadays, technology has moved one step further. The development of new camera technology has taken place, which regulates the temperature of the picture automatically based on the lighting of the image.

You can use this technology to take better-looking photos which are as warm and as cold as you want. Some applications also offer different kinds of modes with predetermined white balance. Upon capturing successful images, you could also sell your stock images online for a generous amount. Focused Collection is one the leading websites which offer stock pictures, videos, images, etc.

Depth of Field Calculators

If you have given the depth of field, you can quickly calculate focal distance, focal length, and aperture settings. Various developers have developed apps like DOFMaster, which helps a lot with these calculations.

Previously, we used charts to calculate the depth of field, but recent apps have made it even better. You can use this app before taking a photo so that you know the most appropriate settings you can use to take better photos.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris and LightTrac

The two software Photographer’s Ephemeris and LightTrac somewhat offer a similar tool which will help you plan your shoots. For taking we need a good location and good light.

These two apps help you decide the best place for a mountain photo around you, a full moon shot and tells you the best time to click pictures around that location. These apps also show the direction of moonrise and moonset, and the timing of sunrise and sunset. Both of these apps come extremely helpful while visualizing your shoot and get the best possible photo.

Auto Focus

Auto Focus is another technology you can use to focus on your subject whenever you click a photo quickly. The technology automatically detects the placement of the subject in a photograph and adjust the focus accordingly.

The software automatically decides the focal points and also changes every time the subject moves forward or backward. This technology can also be helpful in video subject tracking.

Burst Mode

You can use this technology to capture fast-moving actions. If you long-press the shutter button, it captures multiple shots of the same activity. And this way you can select which shot you want to keep and which shot you want to discard. This technology helps with actions that happen so fast that it is difficult to capture the exact moment in real-time.

Night Mode

Another recent technology developed best by Google, captures multiple shots in low light, reduces the shutter speed, bumps up the ISO, and combines all the photos. It can create a view even when there isn’t any significant light.

And technology has been developed so much better that it only takes a fraction of a minute to complete this hefty process. Many smartphone manufacturers have used this technology in the recent smartphones. Although, you might need a tripod for better stabilization.

Star Walk

Star walk fall under the category of apps discussed above: The Photographer’s Ephemeris and LightTrac. This app shows star alignment at night. You can choose any location on Earth, get to know the directions to shoot star trails and milky way at night. This app is beneficial for night shoots, and you can use it to take better apps at night.


Sometimes, getting a vast landscape becomes so tricky in a single frame that you have to lose most of the magnificent views. That’s where the panorama technology comes into the picture or in this case, brings most in a picture.

It captures multiple photos either from left to right or up to bottom and combines them all to form one enlarged photo. The creativity of making use of this technology is unimaginable. You can use this technology to capture the entire view in one frame. 

Final Words

As we can see, there are multiple technologies developed, and there are many more to come in recent days to make the most out of your camera. You can try all of these technologies and see what works best for you. Remember, you’ll only get better at all these technologies with practice.

So, keep on capturing, and you’ll only move a step closer towards what you dream of becoming. There are various apps and software which have these features if any of this technology helps you in any way thank us later!

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