What’s for Lunch Project Reveals What Children Around the Globe Eat Everyday

We can all agree that food is an amazing thing. We all love it, no matter how old we are. Food plays a huge role in a person’s life, but in the forming years of a child, healthy food is one of the most important factors. But not all of the children eat the same kind of food. Toca Boca came up with the great idea to show people what kids around the world eat for lunch everyday. She asked 10 little boys and girls from six different continents to take a photo of their meal with their phone cameras, and the result was fascinating. The variety of everyday food in countries like Brazil, Japan and South Africa is amazing. “The idea is to see the world from the kid’s perspective all around the globe. Seeing how families nourish their kids around the world feeds into our natural curiosity and connects us.” , says Toca. “What’s for lunch” is just one part of the “Kid’s-Eye View”, which is a four part project that has a goal to show everyday lives of kids across the globe. If you liked Toca’s project, you can visit her website where you will be able to see some other exiting projects in the next few weeks.

Bobo (9) – Sweden


Suchita (7) – India


Andy (10) – Florida, USA


Takuto (8) – Japan


Malik (12) – Illinois, USA


Kanoka (11) – Japan


Siobhan (11) – Australia


Cadence (12) – California, USA


Virginia (7) – Brazil


Kena (10) – South Africa


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