Amazing Weatherproof Garden Igloos

When summer ends, we go hiding inside our warm homes. Now with these high-quality stylish 360° Garden Igloos you can enjoy being outside, looking at the open sky and stars, sheltered from cold winds and falling snow. They are easy to assemble and eco-friendly (made from 100% recyclable materials). Without any tools, you can set it up under two hours and use it all year round since it’s both weatherproof and rust resistant. You can use an interior of a garden igloo for whatever purpose you want. A romantic dinner, casual night with friends, reading escape, awesome playground and so on. Due to maximum solar gain usage combined with its optimal air flow characteristics, heat is being distributed evenly at all points making the inside temperature always pleasant.

Cozy in your garden sanctuary


Romantic getaway

Rain may be pouring but your books are dry

Separately available canopy cover

via (design-milk)

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