Talented Mom Creates Amazingly Accurate Cartoon Characters Out of Food

Laleh Mohmedi is a gifted food artist who creates stunningly accurate cartoon characters out of food. One day while Laleh was making pancakes for her son, she created one in the shape of the lion. She was thrilled and she decided to continue that practice of making cartoon-shaped food. Laleh posted a photo of her food on the Internet and she received a lot of compliments, so she decided to create an Instagram profile called Jacob’s Food Diaries and before she knew it, the page already had thousands and thousands of followers. From cooking pancakes to her son to becoming an Instagram star! Quite a story, wouldn’t you agree?

Mike Wazowski.

Carl Fredricksen from Up.



Adorable and delicious!

SpongeBob goes trick-or-treating!

Handsome devil!

Cute Shrek!


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