Mind-Bending Surreal Illustrations by Guy Billout

Guy Billout is a creator and a mastermind behind these awe-inspiring surreal illustrations. This French surrealist has a unique style and a way of thinking. He put’s an elegant twist, a philosophical surprise in his illustrations leaving us, the bystanders in a complete mind-bending struggle. With every work he does, he always sends strong messages that just might change the way people look at the most important things in life. Guy has finished his art training in Beaune, France. He worked few years in advertising after which he ended up in New York City in 1969. That was the moment when his career was wide open to the opportunities and finally took off in a right direction. After a successful publication in the New York Magazine, he was filled with confidence and started expressing himself more freely in his works, unraveling his brilliant mind which in no time gave him an astonishing result of which he’s always dreamt of. His illustrations were shared in the biggest US media outlets as Time, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. Also, he has done illustrations for several books where one of them is “The Collection of Greek Mythology.”

We’ll stop at nothing

Nature fights back

All we do is take

But nature keeps on giving

Maze of destiny

Circle of life

Smart vs Strong

The suit

Harmless war?

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