Watercolor Tattoos with Simona’s Signature Heart

Fantastic Simona Blanar is a graphic tattoo artist from Prague, Czech Republic known for her incredible watercolor tattoos. Her work is always full of life and it never misses her cute signature heart floating around her every marvelous tattoo. All great artists have their famous trademarks and Simona’s is her adorable heart, as a final vivid touch to her work. She loves creating poetic and abstract tattoos with watercolor effects. Her tattoos celebrate nature, life, and art through magical designs and vibrant colors. You can follow her work on Instagram and Facebook and see exceptionally beautiful flowers, mythical creatures, animals and more incredible motives adorning her happy customers’ skin.

Well done and well placed.

Graceful dancer.

Love is always matching


Who lives in a pineapple…

Like a painting

Outstanding details!

The City of Light in its brightest form

Touch it and it starts to snow.

Abstract at its finest

Mythical work

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