Innovating Watercolor Tattoos by Adrian Bascur

Incredible designs and innovating style of watercolor tattoos of Adrian Bascur’s made him famous in his line of work. The fascinating and fearless approach of Adrian resulted in tattoos of the highest class. The special unique thing in his designs is the usage of bold lines with watercolor tattoos, which are known for their delicate look and softer colors. He mixes bold lines with bright colors and achieves new astonishing levels of tattoo arts. His exceptional work surely is one of the most epic watercolor jobs out there he easily wins over everyone, watercolor lover or not. Below is our list of his 28 sensational designs and if you want more, please check out his Instagram profile and follow this incredible Chilean artist.


Wonderful usage colors.

Bold and sensational.

Unique watercolor characteristics.


For royals.

Lovely idea.

Key of watercolor style.

Work of art.


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