Father Captures His Kids Growing Up in a Very Artistic Fashion

Kids grow up so fast and if you don’t stop for a moment to appreciate them, you’ll miss many great moments. That almost happened to one happy couple. Phillip and his beloved wife worried they were going to miss out on some exciting and memorable moments. In order to prevent that, his wife bought him a camera so he can take high-quality photos of their adorable kids. Phillip sat through some pretty helpful YouTube tutorials and soon enough he was ready to capture amazing photos of their beloved children. It’s safe to say that this father mastered the art of photography in a very short time. His photos are simply breathtaking. Enjoy Phillips work below.

He sees the fire.

Bathing with his teddy bear.

Magical winter.

Little artist.

Straight from a fairy tale.

Beautiful autumn.

Enjoying the little things.


Making new friends.

via (boredpanda)

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