Unusually Small and Meticulous Tattoo Work by Evan

Based in NYC Donghwan Kim aka Evan does his own blackwork style of micro tattoos. Everything but flamboyant his tattoos are bringing freshness in artwork done in soothing, subtle and detailed ink. Elegantly ornamental or deeply meaningful he manages to pass the message on such a small surface. Even though the size is small, his tattoos are usually everything but simple, since he’s meticulous approach for achieving perfection. Incredible details accomplished with the combination of splendid shading and stunning fine line work. Evan has perfected his technique to surely create every time a new tiny masterpiece of his own signature trademark size. Influenced by nature, animal, and floral imagery is to be mostly expected from him, thought Evan will deliver any design you want him to do. If you are close to his studio, don’t miss the opportunity.



As simple as it gets

Everytime is a coffee time




You can with kryptonite!

Subtle yet charming

Elegant touch

Phenomenal work

Heart of hearts

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