61-Years-Old Model Proves That Beauty Doesn’t Have an Expiration Date

Yazemeenah Rossi is a 61-years-old grandmother of two and a fashion model. Born in France in 1955 and raised in Corsica, she worked as a run way and print model in Paris. Her big break came when she moved to New York in 1999. She was represented by Ford Models and hired on print campaigns for US brands, despite her hair having already gone completely white. Now she is again subverting fashion industry norms by modeling for a swimsuit collection at the age of 61.The aim of this collection was to confront the hyper-sexualized imagery present in swimwear lines, with a different set of values. Yazemeenah as an inspiring persona gave the campaign much more than just a stand against ageism. This woman radiates health and vitality. She is elegant, graceful and her confidence is simply captivating. Her playful spirit is keeping her young in her heart and mind which inevitably shows on the outside. This woman has the integrity to prove that true beauty doesn`t have an expiration date. Take a look at her swimsuit campaign and prepare to be blown away.

Many wonder how she maintains her youthful look.

There is no big secret, she says.

All she did is eat organic food, even before it became popular.

An avocado per day is a must!

Using natural oils for skin and hair too.

She scrubs her face once a week with olive oil and fine sugar.

And has been practicing Bikram Yoga for over 30 years.

What is her ultimate recipe…? When you listen to your body, your body listens to you.

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