Cool Turtleneck Styles to Hit This Winter

Turtleneck isn’t always an easy fashion choice. But don’t fear it! Embrace it’s comfort instead. Its utilitarian value doesn’t mean that you have to look like your grandma. Yes, it will keep you warm, elegantly elongate your neck and figure, while it will also accentuate your face. The best thing is that there are so many different ways you can wear it. For a classy, elegant look you could try simple, retro bohemian-Audrie Hepburn kind of garment, which you can combine with almost anything. Or you could try the hip-messy-oversized turtleneck sweater, paired with simple leggings and possibly high heel boots. Both looks simply scream femininity. With the exhaustion of the naked body in the Pop culture, it seems like the covered neckline is a logical step towards alternative fashion. It is quite a statement to be at the same time very sexy without over-exposing your body and your skin. Winter is here and turtlenecks are everywhere. Knowing how to wear one stylishly will make your winter days easier to bear while still looking good. Here we have some examples of nice turtleneck outfits that will most certainly inspire you. Enjoy. Try it out. Play with it.

Contemporary- Jackie O- Look

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I like big bags and i can not lie

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Keeping it neutral for the general outlook

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Soft – fluffy – pink delight

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Source: pacificavenueblog 

Great combo for romantic yet fearless look

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Leggings are always a good idea

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Layers give so many possibilities

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When your sweater gets more attention than you

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Comfort and the effect

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It’s not reserved only for winter

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Nothing better than a colourful sweater to cheer you up

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