Stunning Aerial Photography by Dylan Schwartz

Dylan Schwartz is many things. He is an accomplished designer and creative director working in the field of advertising. With his many talents he is creating radical value for his clients, redefining creativity in the post-digital world. Dylan also holds a Fine Arts degree and over the past few years he has been following his passion for Photography. He`s built an engaging audience of 75,000 followers on his Instagram. Recently, he was named one of LA’s best Instagram accounts by Los Angeles magazine. This is no wonder, because his photographs of LA from sky-high perspectives are breathtaking. Take a look and enjoy his artistic vision.

Simply beautiful composition

Intriguing futuristic aesthetics

Aquarelle on camera

Nostalgia with cherries on top

Intimidating and divine image

Questioning symmetry

Photography is about timing

Fairy tale with images

The light has a texture…It seems

The nature of duality

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