Top 5 International Destinations for the Wedding of your Dreams

So, you have made it past all the relationship milestones and have said yes to tying the knot! While this last step towards your happily ever after may seem like an easy task, deciding where to say your “I dos” often proves most challenging.

When it comes to planning your dream nuptials, we feel that there is nothing quite like a destination wedding to celebrate your day of love with the style and a hint of adventure. Hoping on a plane to an exotic location will not only offer you a break from the stressors of planning your big day, but a better venue and a smaller guest list are a definite win-win!

As exciting as this sounds, we do understand that deciding the perfect location is no easy feat. If you and your partner are confused about where to begin, stay with us as we take you across the globe. Whether it is a remote island you seek, or a romantic little town, we have handpicked the top five destination wedding locations for you.

1.   Jamaica

Standing in front of your fiancé and loved ones and saying “I do” on an island sounds like the perfect unforgettable moment. Which better place to capture this moment forever than the land of breathtaking sunsets and picture-perfect beaches? Jamaica, in fact, offers more than the island aesthetic. It is home to one of the richest cultures across the globe. If you wish to immerse yourself in the heritage of the island, have a look at Rose Hall, a beautiful Georgian style mansion located in Montego Bay.

Jamaica is both tranquil and scenic, which makes it the perfect destination for you to fall in love all over again as you take your vows on the sandy beaches surrounded by the deep, teal sea. Even if the beaches are not calling out to you, there are plenty of other options. Since Jamaica is landscaped so beautifully, any outdoor venue will cost you much less as you save on the cost of decoration.

You can also explore one of the many world-class resorts that exist on the island that scream luxury and are famous for their award-winning hospitality.

An added advantage of choosing Jamaica would be that you can extend your stay and enjoy the perfect honeymoon in a tropical paradise!

2.   Santorini

Greece tops the list of go-to destinations not only for those seeking to get married but also as a vacation spot. If you are looking for a stunning backdrop that blends beautifully with the white wedding aesthetic, then the Greek islands of Santorini are perfect for you.

Imagine a pebbled street with a sea of whitewashed houses clinging on to stunning cliffs. Think about the vast expanse of the infamous cobalt blue roofs complimenting the glittering ocean surrounding the city. This breathtaking view can be the site of your nuptials!

If you are looking to spice things up a bit, you can also explore the volcanic sand beaches and the copper sunsets as your wedding venue.

Additionally, the island is infamously well lit which ensures that your photographs come out just as picturesque as your serene surroundings.

3.    Bodrum

If you are looking for a perfect blend of heritage, scenic beaches, and an old-world charm, Bodrum is where you should be headed to for the ideal destination wedding. If you are looking to host a tranquil milieu, then you and your wedding party should make their way to the city that can seamlessly add luxe to your entire wedding experience.

Upon arriving, the first thing you may notice is the enticing aroma of the spice bazaar, but what will lure you in, are the ample opportunities to pamper yourself. From exotic hotels to luxurious spas, Bodrum is the perfect place to unwind before the festivities of your wedding day kick-off.

Hotels, beaches, and spectacular architecture, all make for the ideal wedding paradise. Bodrum is also host to an exciting nightlife where you can explore vibrant beach clubs for all your pre and post-wedding parties.

4.   Spain

For all those who are seeking a truly unique experience, Spain should be on the top of the list of venues. From the vibrant culture to the scenic beauty, it is no surprise that Spain is fast becoming a hot favorite when it comes to destination weddings as more and more couples are flocking in to experience the magic firsthand.

There surely is something for everybody in the lands of Spain, from art and architecture, provincial palaces to a hustling city. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose from a variety of options for a fairytale experience.

The best part about hosting a wedding in Spain is the promise that your big day will be one big fiesta that people will never forget! Intoxicating music and the infamous traditional dances will add a twist to the celebrations.

Once the party starts,  the real flavor will come from the mouthwatering Spanish food. If Spain is your chosen destination, look forward to a vast menu of delicacies to choose from. Fresh seafood, olive infused dishes, and delicious drinks are but few of the options available.

5.   Rome

Rome, the eternal city, is often called the city for eternal love. The pull towards the romantic destination remains strong as countless people turn to Rome as their wedding destination.

Other than the amalgamation of old age culture with modern energy, Rome offers the perfect weather to host a wedding with ample sunlight and moderately warm temperatures.

Rome is the land of monuments where several scenic ones can serve as the perfect backdrop to wedding photos.

As we reach the end of our global tour, we hope that by now, you were able to decide on where to host your big day! Do you have other destinations in mind? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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