Cool Birthday Gift Suggestions for Your Health Conscious Mom


Mothers are amazing, and we want nothing but to make them happy on their special day. If your mom is someone committed to the active and healthy lifestyle, we got the perfect gift ideas. Start her day with a solid workout and end it with a relaxing spa session.

Here’s a plan you can follow:

Gym membership

We want our moms to stay healthy. Being more active allows them to think, feel and sleep better. Gyms offer a ton of activities that are perfect for moms.

The American Heart Association said only one in every five adults gets enough exercise to maintain good health. They said adults should be getting 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week. Examples of moderate-intensity activities are biking slower than 10mph, dancing, water aerobics and brisk walking.

The Association said these activities can reduce some of the risks associated to sedentary lifestyle as they become older.

If they’re up for the challenge, they can add 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity to their routine. Examples include aerobic dancing, running, cycling 10mph or faster and running.

Bath bombs

After a sweaty time at the gym, elevated your mom’s spa day with fragrant and colorful bath bombs. These nuggets do more than just make bath time a pretty affair, they have health benefits too. Bath bombs, once dissolved in water, release citric acid which helps loosen damaged layers of the skin. Oils found in many bath bombs have moisturizing benefits. Basking in a tub of hydrating oils will leave your mom’s skin feeling soft and elastic.

Bath bombs have a high sodium bicarbonate content. The high alkaline content in sodium bicarbonate makes it effective in removing toxins. Bath bombs also remove dirt and oil buildup from their outer skin later.

Massage chair

After a pleasant shower, complete your mom’s spa experience with a relaxing massage. Surprising her with a massage chair will save her time and money. The motors, nodes and rollers can be modified to target specific areas of the spine. Regular use of a massage chair can help decrease pain felt in the back. It can also lower blood pressure, stress levels and heart rate. It also has positive effects on a person’s immune system. By helping a person relax, massage empowers the immune system to work more effectively.

Elegantchampagne gift set

To complete the experience, why not complement the massage with a fine glass of bubble? Unlike beer or other alcoholic drinks, champagne offers many health benefits.

Like white and red wine, champagne can be good for their heart. Champagne is made from red and white grapes, which contain antioxidants that prevent damage to the heart’s blood vessels. This lowers the risk of heart diseases and strokes.

Champagne is also good for keeping the memory of aging mothers sharp. Research from Columbia University found that champagne can sharpen a person’s short-term memory.Another study said three glasses of bubbles per week has a positive impact on a person’s overall intelligence.

Surprise your mom with an elegant champagne gift set – just don’t forget to remind her to drink in moderation.

As you celebrate another chapter in your mom’s life, you ensure she stays fit with this fool-proof plan.


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