Top 20 Lilac Tattoo Ideas and Their Symbolisms

A lilac tattoo is a wonderful idea that could hold more than just one meaning within its beauty. No matter the color of lilac flower its symbolism almost always has love and romance associated with it. There are many reasons to get a lilac tattoo, and one is for sure a Greek myth following the love story of Pan, the god of forests and fields, and a beautiful nymph Syringa that seems to be the story of a first Lilac. Captivated by her beauty, Pan pursued her through the forest but Syringa was scared away by his affection. To escape him, she turned herself into an aromatic lilac shrub. Pan eventually walked upon this beautiful shrub and out of its hollow reeds he had created the first Pan’s pipe. Lilac is also known as Syringa Vulgaris, derived from the Ancient Greek word Syrnix, which actually means “pipe”. Lilac tattoos are gorgeous and they carry far more symbolism than just romance. Celtics looked at lilac as a magical flower. In Russia, it would bring wisdom when someone holds a sprig of lilac above the newborn child. In the Victorian Age, it would refer to “old love,” and widows were the ones who wore them. Lilac is also the official state flower of New Hampshire, representing the Hardy nature of its people. In case you are thinking of having a colored lilac tattoo, then each color would define its meaning. White – purity and innocence; blue – happiness and tranquility; violet – spirituality; magenta – love and passion; and lilac, light purple – first love.

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