Magically Moody Flower Photography by Ana Tudur

Sensational self-taught photographer from Romania, Ana Tudur finds happiness in presence of marvelous flora that gently warms her heart. Photographer, retoucher and aspiring Instagrammer with just 10k followers. In time her top class work will bring her the recognition she deserves, there’s no doubt about that. Ana’s main focus is on the flower and macro photography. It includes extreme close-ups of strikingly beautiful flowers which makes the size of the subjects greater than they’re in real life. Ana is clearly obsessed and fully passionate towards her delicate subjects and for each one, she immediately has a clear idea of what it represents or what it’s trying to say. You can literally feel the magical moody tones Ana creates in her every art piece, already making it her trademark. Absolutely brilliant artist Ana Tudur deserves a lot more people to know about her photography so make sure to check out her heavenly enchanting Instagram page.

Welcome to the paradise of moody tones and divine flowers

Ana Tudur is a Romanian self-taught photographer

“pull me back together again, the way you cut me in half” – Ana always has a clear idea of what flower feels

Her main focus is on macro flower photography

“But isn’t delayed gratification the definition of maturity”

“When you gonna realize?”

Absolutely stunningly beautiful

“I’ll carry your world”

Visit Ana’s Instagram and help her reach 10k followers and much more which she clearly deserves

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