5 Major Cities to Lay Down Roots After Tying the Knot

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You’ve done it, tied the knot and ready to spend the rest of your life with your one and only. So now that you are married, what’s next? Are you two planning on traveling? Want to have children? What about your living situation, do you live together yet? Many newlyweds are in the market to buy a house, and before you lay down your roots, you’ll want to carefully consider where you want to bring up your family.

When it comes to buying real estate, there are many factors to consider about a location. How is the local economy? Does it have a thriving workforce? What types of jobs are available? Are the properties likely to increase in value? Are there services and amenities for residents? Is there reliable public transportation? When you’re looking for a new home town where you can lay down roots, a finding a great location with homes for sale in your budget range is an absolute must.

Based on many factors including living conditions, real estate market, schooling and overall quality of life – here are 5 cities you may want to consider laying down roots and making your first home purchase.

Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas

The Dallas / Fort Worth area and suburbs are attracting lots of home buyers. The area has a thriving real estate and economy that makes moving here a serious consideration for many. Dallas is one of the fastest-growing American cities. It features a great climate, renowned healthcare centers, a vibrant arts and culture scene, a myriad of diverse restaurants and entertainment venues, and its home to multiple Fortune 500 companies. In short, it’s a popular place to buy a house for these reasons.

Phoenix, Arizona

With its warm climate, Phoenix has long attracted its “snow bird” population, but climate isn’t its only draw. Phoenix and neighboring communities like Scottsdale have been showing signs of a healthy real estate market. The region has many diverse communities and diverse properties to suit multiple budgets. The Phoenix area features plenty of wide open spaces for outdoor enthusiasts but also throngs of indoor attractions like museums, art galleries, shopping malls, and theatres. With its many healthcare facilities, Phoenix offers plenty of amenities that home buyers look for.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando has a thriving service industry that offers considerable employment opportunities. This in itself is a draw for many people interested in buying a house. Orlando also has no shortage of fun things to see and do and boasts a sub-tropical climate. As a popular vacation destination, Orlando is home to throngs of services and amenities for visitors and residents alike. With many houses for sale throughout the city, buyers have lots of options in multiple budget ranges.

Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta continues to be one of the country’s fastest-growing cities. Atlanta has many distinctive neighborhoods, world-class healthcare facilities, reliable public transportation, and lots of fun public spaces. Moreover, the city boasts a thriving economy and diverse jobs market. With its healthy real estate market, it’s no wonder this southern belle of a city is attracting house hunters from around the country.

Chicago, Illinois

If you want to buy a house in a city that enjoys a four-season climate, head to Chicago. This “City by the Lake” is famous for its skyline, beaches, skyscrapers, and hot food scene. Chicago features many distinctive neighborhoods where homes are known to maintain their value—and even increase in value. The housing selection is also diverse and ranges from new builds to historic homes from multiple eras. Other features of the city include world-class healthcare centers, excellent public transportation services, shopping centers, and famous sports teams.

There are many houses for sale in these cities. If you’re in the market to buy a house, learn how living in these cities could enhance life for you and your household.

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